Gourami with that strange pink white growth? Now gone heres how!

sherryazure(6)January 22, 2007

Ok, just posting after reading on many diferent forums, as to what worked for me.

First, after doing much research... Gouramies are bred in horrific conditions these days, come loaded with parasites/now possibly viral strains.. and thought of by Asian breeders as 'fish ready to implode' or some such.

Guy, red dwarf (really liked) had this caluflower growth near chin, lower left side... first time treated with clout.. went away, returned him to main tank... Months later came back...It had this white thin stringy thing coming out of the center, white near edges more pink in center.

I saw this same description during my research... did another round of clout, this time useless.

(all done in isolated, hospital tank of course)

So, this time (when you are desperate you try things normally you might not)... and all with salt in tank as well.

clout was in food as well, other antibacterial foods no use.

so, then decided to spot treat after doing research... when netted this guy didn't struggle at all which thank good ness made it so much easier.

I used (as mentioned else where) curechrome (formally mecurachrome - mercury taken out, too bad, worked wonders in past)

I diluted with spring water and used cotton swab... just swab don't wipe away the slime coat or scales.

Then returned to salted tank with bit of stress coat...

Now, after doing this once every other so on days... he is just fine so far.. several months now... growth is gone... chin looks same on both sides.... never will know what it is exactly without microscope, but it worked.

salt, spot treatment (be careful and do not get into gills... that's why his not squirming around helped, plus I tilted his head down, so if it did leak (after dipping cotton swab into diluted solution, I swabbed it onto paper towel to take care of excess)... it would run away from his gill area... then dip into the holding treatment tank water, to clear... then return to hospital tank.

He now is in with one female betta with albino cories and looks and acts just great.... Best Sherry

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That's a lot of meds! I used to work at a tropical fish wholesaler. Everything comes in medicated and remains as such for a few days, following shipping. Then they are weaned off. For the most part, we brought in Gouramis that were bred in Florida fishfarms. Only a few (gourmet Colisa lalia) came from the Singapore suppliers.

As you've probably noticed, most fish diseases center around that which is bacterial, then parasitic, and then viral. We used a lot of Tetracycline for the bacterial, but also used EM, Furazone Green, and Sulfa. For parasitic, we used formaldehyde and Clout. Salt was supposed to be good for inducing a slimecoat. We often used a combination of drugs when fish arrived.

Have you ever thought about breeding Bubblenest Builders? They're pretty easy.

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Well, it seems like a lot, but only clout when it didn't work salt and spot treatment. I did much research, and apparently this caluflower growth is common, not sure if bacterial or viral (uk newsletter) but did have thin white thread from center, which another poster noted as well. They usually don't survive these growths, what ever they are, but he is ok... and it has not re-occured.

I try not to use meds, but when desperate. Well, he is fine now... no new growth (knock on wood).. I agree, salt and easy does it.. but if parasitical then.....

PS. at my local store, I noticed they come in medicated, water was blue. I didn't know this. I just got there one day when fish came in. I was pretty astounded at how rudely they were treated, after all they had just been through. Tossed, no regard at all. (They could use mild salt instead without as much harm during transport)... at mine they are pretty cruel... dump them in after washing them off in tap water rinse, no temp adjustment or anything! Just pour bag into net with fish, then rince off, like dishes. Then dump in tank. They have huge die offs. When they clean, they run a hose into tank and some guy who doesn't know squat, once had temp over 90 degrees. They scalded a poor Oscar.

I have actually decided just tonight, that sans a good dealer and good water, (seems hard in NYC - best outer boroughs which is hard for me to get to) I will wind things down. I never had these problems when younger, never. I know the water is bad, is brown and have always used a shower filter, and age mine for aquariums in addition. I never drank the tap water, had it tested once and horrible.

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Wholesalers are constantly dealing with meds and when they ship to the retailers, they are shipped in some sort of bacterial preventative dye, like Furazone Green or Furan or what you are seeing - Methylene blue. The idea is to prevent outbreaks do to shipping stress and them quickly remove the meds, so that the fish can use their own defenses (slimecoat). And of course the more gradual the acclimation process, the less shock to the fish.

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Petiolaris and all, thanks for responce. Best Sherry

(ie those meds are only a stop gap, when removed their immune systems are left without much defense, ie buffered due to really often horrible breeding conditions, much like our animal husbandry now days, (I digress), and true situation crops up, horrible breeding situation, shipping stress, and anything to look good until it gets home then bang! Again, been at this long enough to know it was not always like this, sigh.)

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