Aquarium plants for Betta fish

imaginators(z6 KY)January 31, 2005

Well I have noticed my Bettas really likes to lay in a paritcular type of fake plant that I have in my aquarium. I found out that Bettas naturally live in shallow water of Rice Patties. After looking on the internet to see what Rice Patties look like, it explains why my Betta picks that plant. My fake plant looks like a rice patty. It looks like tall grass, and Picazzo the Betta enjoys laying in it. I have other plants with leaves but Picazzo seems to go to that one plant. Well I will probably get another plant of that type so Picazzo will have more comfortable plants to choose from. Learning, sharing as I go and having fun.


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dasheen(z6a, Ontario)

If you want to grow live plants, you could plant a group of vals. The corkscrew ones are pretty. The pygmy chain sword could also be useful.


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weedwoman(z6 NJ)

I'm really new at this but I have Java Fern, a valisneria (I think) and what was sold to me as a water wisteria. The water wisteria has a stem with roundish leaves every inch or so (i.e. it isn't grass shaped like the other two) and my betta often seems to sleep 'sitting' on one of the leaves. I read somewhere, maybe here, that bettas were the 'butterflies of the fish world'; he looks rather butterfly-ish perched on a leaf like that. You might get him something shaped like that. From what I see most fish stores have a pretty limited selection of live plants. I'd think live ones would be more comfortable; the plastic ones especially seem like they'd be kind of scratchy to something as small as a fish.


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