AV trailer pot size

jlm303(5)October 13, 2013

Trailers are a bit new to me. I have 5 mini, semi's in my recently exploded collection. (The last thing I clearly remember is 5 or 6 total .... now I think I've crossed the 50 threshold! NO more room, what with the orchids back inside!) I would like to put some of the trailers in bonsai pots. How do you determine the size pot for a trailer? Still the 3:1 rule? The biggest is Rob's Humpty Doo. It looks fine in the cache pot (attached) but a bit floppy otherwise.

Any suggestions?

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The naked version

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I have a few mini trailers, mostly in 3oz bathroom cups and a few in 3" pots. They do well in either.

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I think the thing with trailers is that they like being in really shallow pots. I have a couple but they're still really young plants, so they're still in small 2oz souffle cups. I will pot them up soon, though.

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