need help for sad wasp 'nymph fly" AV

flowerpottipperOctober 16, 2013

Last May at a local orchid show and sale, I bought a Wasp 'nymph fly' African violet cause I thought it look cute and different (i believe it belong to the seller as a personal plant that they didnt want anymore cause they only had one). ..I also own two standard AVs for a few years that do awesome for me (always blooming and looking great, and easy enough to care for) so I have a little bit of experience with them... but I did notice the pot the nymph fly was in needed New soil because it was hard as a rock and it has gotten pretty leggy and it had grown a baby that was almost as big as the mother plant. .. so I went to my local nursery and bought they're best African violet soil and repotted the plant....the baby plant fell off when I was repotting but it did have it's own roots. So I planted them together in a new pot of the same size with the new soil and gave it some water. ... but now the poor thing looks like it's dying. ... all the leaves have wilted and I don't know how to fix it. ..I tried putting it under a glass dome for extra humidity, but that didn't make a difference. ... what is wrong and what should I do? ? I understand plants sometimes go thru shock when repotted, but this has been almost two weeks and its looking worse.....please help.....

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A couple of thoughts: How did the roots look when you re-potted it? Were they white or brown? Most soil sold for av's is still too heavy. It needs to be lightened up with perlite and/or vermiculite.

You could try re-potting it into a lighter soil, removing any brown areas and then bag or dome it. Also, you can take the sucker, pot it up separately and then bag it. They usually grow roots in about two weeks or so.

I would not remove any leaves for now as your plant needs all the help it can get. Better damaged leaves than no leaves. Unless they start to go brown and mushy, leave them.

If rot has set in, there is really nothing you can do. Try taking a leaf or two, soak in warm water with a bit of sugar and superthrive if you have it and then pot them up. Bag these as well. If your larger plant dies, you may have babies from the leaves.

Good luck!


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perle_de_or(Zone 7)

Great advice from Linda. I grow this one and love it. I can't really see the mix its in or the pot very well, but anyway, if you used the AV mix without adding perlite, it is too heavy and the roots will stay too wet as Linda says, which is what it looks like to me is your problem.

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I agree with Perle. It looks like it has been kept too wet for too long. Especially if the previous owners had it in rock hard soil that was too dry. Going from desert conditions to swamp can really play havoc with a violet. If your soil is very wet, remove the plant, soil and all from the pot and let it dry a bit until moist. As the crown grows in healthy, remove the older affected leaves, but not all at once. Bagging will really help, but your soil must be moist, not wet.


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