first AVSA magazines from 1947 & 48..

seattlemarigeneOctober 28, 2007

I thought this is interesting...looking thu some of the magazines I have I came across these first 3 ..very small (9 pages)and no color pictures ..The formula for potting soil in 1947 was 3 parts heavy rich black soil,1 part peat,1 part rotted manure,1 part compost or rotted leaves..and if soil is heavy add at least 3 parts sand.Add charcol if you like.They recommend growing in north or east window...

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I'm surprised to see a photograph in the magazine simply because most of the pictures of AV's at that time were drawings. I also remember an Aunt of mine who had one of these new plants called African Violets. That was during the early 40's. She kept it in a clay pot and the mix was dark and heavy looking. I never got to pick it up because the plant was delicate, in fact you couldn't even breathe on it. I remember she had it on a small table in the corner of the room well away from any light source. I sometimes wonder what she would think of todays hybrids and the way we handle them.
Fred in NJ

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Those issues would sell well on ebay. I have the very first issue as a reward for writing articles for the magazine.

When those growers used garden loam in the soil they sometimes got nematodes which was their worst pest. Now we don't use garden loam and I haven't heard of anyone getting nematodes for more than 25 years.


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Agreed those would sell big on ebay. Yes, we've come a long way baby on our methods and such, that our early relatives would scream at us for. Very interesting indeed. Im getting you are saying 1947 was the first year for the mags.

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yes, the first two are marked 1947 and the third 1948.They volume 1 #1,volume 1 #2 and volume 1 #3..I think they are very interesting...:0)

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