jennifer78(5 Central IL)October 18, 2009

I know some of you have large collections of violets how do you all label your plants?

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I just write with my trusty Sharpie® right on the pot/cup.

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I used to do what m3rma1d does; now I put on a piece of masking tape and write on that. Since they get repotted relatively frequently, that seems to work fine. Then I can re-use the cup/pot for another thing after washing and disinfecting it (in case of pathogens).

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When my plants are put into solo cups I write directly on them. When they are larger and in normal squat pots, I write on a small plastic label and slip it into the pot near an edge.
Fred in NJ

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minimac(6 So In. Louisville Ky)

Hey Jen,

On babes, plantlets miniatures and semis I use solo or smaller cups. I write right on the cups. I label plus write date when it was re potted, vendor or where I got it from. On the cup I also wright date of anything I do to it - like neem, or spray with Lysol for powdery mildew so I know when to repeat spray. Date when I take buds off. Date when I first see buds starting to grow. Bout anything I do I wright it on the cup.

Larger plants that are in plastic pots I use tape like Lathy except I use freezer tape. It's easy to get on and off.

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jennifer78(5 Central IL)

These are some great ideas thanks for the help I had thought about using the sharpie but my violet is currently in a yogurt cup that I spray painted black so it would not show up. I have an old mini blind that I could take apart to make some plastic markers but I was afraid that might damage the leaves somehow if they were in contact with it.

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I write on the cups of small plants and leaves. If I put the plant into a 'bonafide' pot, I'v started using a label maker to make a label for the pot.

A 'stake' type marker would be my very last choice, because the leaves have to grow around it. You could, however, fasten outside the pot with a rubber band, making sure it is lower than the edge of the pot.


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