Aquaponic system using a fish tank?

Hawaiian-HydroJanuary 3, 2014

Anyone know if this could work ? I have a video posted also on my you tube account . "Trixrfokidzz"

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Looks interesting. I'm wondering how I'm gonna convert my marinade tank into a aquaponic system. And which plant to place and how

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Should work, if you choose the right plants. The only concern I have is for the fish--It doesn't look that easy to get a filter on there. You'd have to cut the plastic, and a filter is a must even with plants to keep the tank cycled (be SURE to read about the Nitrogen Cycle for fish if you don't know it--It is ESSENTIAL in keeping fish alive and healthy) and the water oxygenated. It will also keep water flowing through those plants.

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Where does the hose to sprinkle the plants go?

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