What are some of the larger varieties of standards?

jerome(z9 CA)October 6, 2011

Just wondering if there are any differences in size between standards. Are there any really large ones??

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There is definitely a size difference in standards, though all should be able to reach a 12" leaf span relatively easily. Violets that begin with the name "Buckeye" tend to be rather large, are also variegated, and easy to come by. Others I can think of off the top of my head include Rodeo Country, Kris, and Harbor Blue. The "EverFloris" series by Optimara are also large. A search in First Class 2 (violet database program) reveals a total of 3004 large registered varieties. This is out of a total of 17252 entries, so larges are fairly common. I have heard of well grown violets reaching up to 30" in diameter, though I have never been lucky enough to see it.


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jerome(z9 CA)

Mark, thanks for the information. If I do a google search, will I find mail order places that offer these varieties?

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Many vendors also show the sizes in their plant descriptions. For example, the description might say standard, small standard, or large. Here are a couple of vendors that show whether a plant is large.



By looking at different vendors you can see pictures of the large ones and get ones that appeal to you.

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jerome(z9 CA)

Those Optimara Everfloris varieties look interesting.

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Ha, Jerome I just knew you would succumb eventually! Start windowshopping online and you are finished!! Lyndon Lyon's have some large standards, so I've read. A couple plants I have that are reported to be large are Maggie Lee and Blue Dragon. I'm curious how large they will actually get for me. If you go with the Ever Floris space violets be careful not to overlight them. Not a word, but should be! They tend to need less light than some violets, so I've read. It's definitely true of the one I have. Realized it was getting too much light too late and it has never recovered despite being moved to less light locations. It doesn't grow and has never bloomed despite being an "ever blooming" variety. If you get one move it further back from light source to begin with and watch for ppaling of leaves, brown edges of leaves, tight center, lack of growth. HOpefully you can avoid my problem. Have fun shopping!!!!


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jerome(z9 CA)

You're right, Tricia. I'm beginning to look at lamps and shelves, because my desk next to the window is getting too small as the plants grow. What touched me is how the little dried out and dying standard I bought at a nursery over the summer is now like 13" across and getting bigger. This is an addictive hobby - or maybe it's more honest to say I have an addictive personality. Ask me how many roses are in my garden some day. :)

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suecirish(6 SE MA)

Tricia, Thanks for posting the info about too much light for the Everfloris. I had 'EverBeautiful' and it happened exactly as you described. I couldn't figure it out, especially because of the tight crown. I have one baby growing from a leaf I managed to save, and some leaves for 'EverGrace' put down so now I am forewarned. Much appreciated.


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Sue, glad you learned the cause so you can avoid it next time. I've learned alot - including you can't always go by the number of hours or distance from the light source that is recommended. I've used several different grow lights and burned alot of plants along the way. Now I try to err with not enough light as that is easier fixed.


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