wendycooOctober 21, 2013

Yesterday I found 1 plant with thrips damage in a tray full of seemingly unaffected plants. I know better than to think there aren't some hiding in the tray. The offender which had thrips has gone to a better place ( I had extras of that variety) but I now need to deal with the rest of my plants. I have disbudded plants that were on that tray and domed it ( minis and young plants). I looked carefully at the rest of the plants on the tray but saw no evidence of thrips or thrips damage. Now of course there is a tray next to that one and it is on a stand with 11 other trays and there is another stand with 12 trays only 6 feet away. I thought I had been so careful. Last winter I had no blooms and only a few plants due to mites and mealy bugs. They got the full toxic treatment and I am reluctant to do a full scale toxic treatment again. So what are the opinions? Do I need to disbud everything and treat or spot treat near the shelf where I found the infected plant? I have some of the sticky traps that will be placed around on the stands so I can see what might be happening but do I take a risk not treating full scale.
Thanks for any insight.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

There is never such thing as one thrips. You can as well disbud everything and start spraying. It doesn't make sense to me to throw away a plant just because of the thrips. They probably left their eggs on each plant in your collection. They fly really well - and probably were attracted to the warm air in your open window.

Yep - you can use lice shampoo - you need to do several sprayings week apart - on everything- to nail all the new hatchlings. If they do not have buds to feed - they will feed on the very young leaves.


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When I bought some Avid for thrips from Cape Cod Violetry, I asked John if I should remove blooms and buds. He said it wasn't necessary which surprised me as you always hear dis-budding is necessary. He said the Avid would do its job so removing flowers wasn't imperative.


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And the Avid won't damage the flowers?

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He said it wouldn't. He said there was absolutely no reason to dis-bud. I was happy to hear this as no one wants to nip their flowers off-that's why we grow AV's. I've yet to try it because I am in the middle of re-potting but I will when I am finished this week.


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I was in the process of repotting when I found the plant with Thrips. I guess life with violets means life with bugs especially since I have a large outdoor garden. I will have to spray once we get back from visiting my daughter and her family. Meanwhile I will spray a bit of Neem oil and set up some sticky traps.
Thanks for sharing Linda.

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