Fish For 20 gallon Aquarium

moregirll8000February 4, 2006

I got a 20 gal. aquarium with a Whisper Power Filter just in December and I currently have one black angelfish about 3 1/2 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches long. I would like to know what other fish I could put in this aquarium and how many of them.

Thank you!

~On another note: I no longer have the sludge algea in my 6 gal. I had an algea eater to take care of that!

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woeisme(z7b NC)

The angel fish may be a little crowded in there but it would look nice with a school of small tetras neons,carinals, head & tail light etc. I would only consider the angel as 3" of fish in respect to the inch of fish per gallon rule. Platy's are a favorite.

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nonono... No neons. The angel will eat them up!! Cardinals fare better and black neons are fine. I've been more successful keeping neons with angels if the angels started out small with the neons, but at the size angel you have, you may wind up buying expensive live food for your angel.

Best to keep with angels without fear of being eaten are the black neons.

I _think_ it may be something to do with the sleeping habits of neons which makes them easy targets at night. Neons and cardinals both pale out when the light is out - which may be making them easier to "see" as far as being food goes. With cardinals I make sure there are plenty of hiding places for them at night and for whatever reason, they seem to escape the jaws of the angels as opposed to the poor neons who I wind up finding missing the next morning!

If you can - get the largest cardinals you can find. Or very very large neons may survive as well. But if you are getting young small neons, figure they will be eaten up.

I agree with woe - the tank is actually small for angels - but for one angel with some smaller schooling fish, should be fine.

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woeisme(z7b NC)

I had one angel that would snarf the neons once in a while. Others where fine with them. It is a risk, lots of plants and hiding places. I kept 1 angel with neons in a 10, I agree with skygee, should be OK. If its not it will let you know.

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Zebra Danios are great too! Non stop action!


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Thanks for all your suggestions. I think I will go with the Black Neons because they get a bit bigger so they will be safer and they will look better in my aquarium :) Thanks again!

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