Male and Female Betta Together?

newbettaownerFebruary 22, 2006

I am a college student and I love fish. Since I had to leave my 10 gallon tank behind at home (due to lack of room)I just had to get a small little buddy for myself. I got a male betta, very beautiful and with apperently no anger issues like other bettas. Some of my friends have bettas, and while visiting them it seems that their betta's are very aggresive when you touch the glass. I tried this experiment with my betta and he just backed away without getting deffensive. My question is, I feel bad that he has no one to be friends with (I know it sounds cheesey). Would I be able to upgrade my bowl to a one or two gallon desk top tank and possibly add a female to the mix? I would like Oscar (that's his name) to be happy with the presence of another fish. Is this at all possible? Are there such things as peaceful male bettas?

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Yep, can do. I would upgrade to a 5 tho.

My 5.5 gal is home to a male, a female, a couple of snails and a dozen or so ghost shrmp. I have lots of hiding spaces for my female tho, and that the key. Plants, shells, rocks, caves....

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Minaku(z6 Pittsburgh)

No. You cannot keep a male and female together without separating them. They will fight, and one of them will come out injured or dead. And especially not in a 1 or 2 gallon bowl, which will be fully stocked with 1 male betta.

Even if you have hiding spaces, the male will chase the female, and this will cause both of them stress. The situation will eventually turn sour and one of the fish will die.

Lastly, to the above poster, a 5 gallon tank (the All-Glass does not hold 5.5 gallons, only 5) is drastically overstocked with 1 male, 1 female, snails, and many ghost shrimp. Consider moving most of those residents.

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I tried mating my albino female with my male and he just beat the crap out of her, so, I got her another younger mate and she beat the crap out of him.

You just never know, but, like most bettas it is a trial and error thing.

Have you folks seen the MAGNIFICENT bettas for sale on bettatalk? Here is the link: Enjoy, I know I did.


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i used to keep a 37 gal planted tank stocked with a couple of male bettas and a herd of females (4?5?). worked well for me, but it was 37 gal and had tons of wood and plants in it. i wouldn't put two in a 5 gal., myself.

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It's good that you got a non-aggressive betta, but one thing to consider is that your finger doesn't look like another betta, it looks like some other kind of fish. While it's *possible* for him to get along with a female, I'd suggest getting another species of fish, one that doesn't have fancy fins.

I also have limited space, so my betta is in a jar that's about 1 1/2 gallons. He loves the space, and I got three neon tetras yesterday. The four of them get along great, and watching them in their little feeding frenzy seems to make him want to eat, too. (He's picky, even for a betta.)

I hope that helps. =^_^=

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So i've had my male betta for about a year now and he's been great. but however,today i got a female betta and put her in the tank with him which is about a 15 gallon tank . Fist they didnt get along but after a while he stopped trying to fight her but, should i keep them tow in the same tank or take her or him out?

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Bettas are best as solitary fish. They don't get lonely for other fish and love your company and presence just as well. To put a female betta in with him is asking for trouble. The process of mating bettas is a complex but not impossible task and not having the proper requirements/tank setup is detrimental to both bettas and any eggs/babies they produce.

Do yourself a favor and keep your betta by himself or herself. You'll both be happer for it.

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I did alot of research and it was about 50/50 on this subject. so i decided to give it a shot in my ten gal with my male betta. he flared at her a bit for the first couple days, its been over a week now and they are fine. acctually sleep together in their cave. guess it just depends on the fish.

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My 50 gallon is home to 5 females and 1 male betta.I think the trick to them getting along is being put together when they were quite young.The male does occasionally chase the girls,but they quickly move out of his attention.With 5 girls in the tank no 1 is ever chased for more than a couple of seconds.The tank has plenty of hiding places but the girls rarely hide.I think Mr.Beta enjoys his harem,he doesnt act stressed.He runs the tank,but the girls will swim right up to him without fear.Occasionally he will flare his gills and chase one,but no damage has been done in the 10 months they have lived together

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I keep my male and female betta fish together in about a 3-5 gallon tank and they get along very good. They swim around together and sometimes just go their seperate ways. He flared at her right when I put her in the tank and that only was a few seconds and now they act like they've always been together. Its great for them being together and having each others ccompany.

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Can u leave a female betta in there to see if they mate and how long could i cause i think it would be 30 sec or min but u never know suggest answers to me plz ????

Thank you

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Mating for Bettas takes longer then that it mainly waiting for the male to make a bubblenest and the female to be willing enough.

As for can they stay together sure they can I have a male who would rather swim around with on of my females then be alone and when I do take them away he gets depressed and wont eat.

But at the same time I have 2 males who only want a female around after they make bubblenests then want them to leave so he can take care of the eggs.

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I have recently brought a 10 gallon tank with 3 betta females and 1 male do you guys think this is going to work I need a reply didn't know they were aggressive fish and is there any other species of fish i could mix in the tank with the bettas

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I have one male and two females in a five gallon with three shrimp in my desk tank at work and they're really happy together. The male flared at the females when i was floating them and he chased them around for the first minute or two but now the females swim up to him and he's fine. I do have space for them to hide though, and that might be the key, having enough space for the females to run and hide.

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Can i keep two males together?

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I recently got a small desktop tank about a gallon and I was wondering if I planted it very well and gave plenty of hiding spots, could I have a male and female bettas together?

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I have a male and female betta together and they do not fight at all nor have they fought with the other fish. I believe it all depends on the type of betta. I have owned many many betta's and never found a pair like this.

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I have 2 male bettas an 3 female bettas there in with a dozen neons and 4 female guppies in a 27 gallon tank. They do fine together there is mild plant life and a few rock structures but all an all they do great together I think the difference is I bought mine all young and introduced them in within weeks of eachother so there was no territories established I also have a 10 gallon tank with 2 male guppies acouple guppy fry and one large male betta that someone was going to flush because he was "ugly and beatup" so I introduced him to that tank and from going to a small fishtank to one appropriate for him he began to strive so I added two female bettas bought from petco.. I bought baby bettas thou.. bettas bought from solitary confinement tend to be aggressive buying from a local pet store tends to be better than a large chane and a betta shouldn't be kept in a small bowl even a two gallon still water tank is better imagine you were kept in a closet were you could barely move you wouldn't like it much also keeping bettas together with other fish is fine make sure you don't have fin nippers though community fish tend to do better and watch the activities of your bettas keep them well fed or they will kill other fish but don't over feed them cause it can cause fin rot I breed bettas, Corey cats, guppies, anglefish, swordtails, tetras (many9 kinds) my favorite though blind cave tetras.

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sbrow156(Cairns QLD Australia)

No you cannot put a female and male betta together. They will definitely fight. Especially in a small tank. If you had a 30 litre tank with lots of hiding places and plants then maybe but not in a small tank. Male fighters can only be by themselves ...its sad but it is so...i have had snails in with my fighters or put mirror on one side of the tank so he thinks he has a friend but you cant put any other fish in there with him. Oh and they occasionally kill and eat shrimp too so i wouldn't recommend them either.

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not an expert here but I actually read this forum and people's response's before doing anything. I needed to clean the tank my female was in and I was tired for putting her in bowls and cleaning them first it was getting annoying I just got a great 10 gallon tank with the works and my male betta was in it well I decided to put them together for a 5 minute clean of her tank. The minute I put her in my male got agitated but 10 minutes in he was swimming up on her like he was saying "boo" she would swim away. I put her back in her tank but through the day I decided why have a small tank when I can put them together after 30 minutes they were swimming together like best friends they had no issues. But I also tested my male about a month ago I added a snail to his tank I did the same with my female and she went nuts on the snail but the male poked it a couple times and went his merry way. I think if you do this test your fish first and see if they are aggressive with something such as a snail a snail can protect it's self and it gives you an idea on the fish aggression. I couldn't be happier with this match but it also could be she is smaller then him had she been his side he may have seen her as a threat. I recommend the snail first if he and she handle it they will handle being together. I'm so happy I put them together it's fun to watch and neither are stressed. they both love their new place and it's so enjoying to watch them interact.

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I don't know how it would go with a female betta but I do know that I put a snail in a 3.5 gallon tank and everything was fine my betta didn't flare or try to fight it or anything and then one day I woke up and my betta had eaten my snail. All that was left was the shell and I always made sure to feed him properly according to directions on the food that I had for him but it's like he just wanted a snack at night. My betta is a very calm fellow and he will even come to the top of the water to let you touch him when you go to feed him but I don't think I try to put something else living other than plants.

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yes you can .....but both male and female have to be same colour ......with lost of plants and a few hiding places make sure if anything goes wrong at least can hide till you take the matter at your own hand ......but anyway your Berta is less dominant, so it might work well ......just keep an eye on them

btw I have a 4*2.5*2.5 ftó tank where I have two pairs of bettas, red & blue along with a lot of fishes ......none of them has any problem

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Amber Siddons

I used to have 5 betta's. 2 of which were male. People have said that you can't put 2 betta's together, whether its male:male, male:female, or female:female. I kept the males in their own individual homes, and I had Female:Female:Female in another home. I also have 2 Goldfish which reside together. People claim that betta's will hurt or kill each other... at first when I introduced the first 2 females, they had a brawl but nobody died, when I introduced the 3rd, the 3rd joined with the 1st and tag teamed the 2nd... the only injury was a violated and torn tail fin, which healed itself. They all lived together up until 6 weeks ago when the 3rd fish died. I just wanted to prove that not all "Fighting Fish" actually fight to the death

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I recently got two female beta fish that the lady at petco said they would be fine also with other fish. At first for a day they were fighting so I separated them on each side of my ten gallon. After that they started to swim. So now I am going to try and put these fish that eat my the rocks and dont make the beta fish aggressive. I also think that most will get along if you put both together and watch and sometimes help them separate and then let them be so that is how I think most get along really well!

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This has been a most interesting thread. I've owned bettas as a hobby side for years and years... and never ever dreamed of putting them together.... but it seems that if the tank is big enough, you people are actually saying that it works! This is most intriguing! I have a 12 gallon tank.. according to some of you, I could actually maybe get away with putting two females and a male in there all together. Hm... Fascinating new idea to me.

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