Rainbow labeo looking for new home

dragonheart(3)February 25, 2006

Hi I wonder if anyone in this forum is in my area,

(Montreal)? I have a beautiful rainbow labeo He is 12 inches has outgrown his tank, so I am looking for someone who has a at least 70 gallon tank and willing to adopt him, he's is healthy and calm and very curious ;-)

you will have to come pick him up.

Get in touch if you are interested or know someone who is.


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When I was trying to give away a large fish, someone on the aquarium forum mentioned freecycle.org. Now I use it to give away all sorts of stuff, lol. And one can ask for things as well, just all has to be free. I looked them up for Canada, not sure if in Montreal, as I am not sure of geopraphy. Maybe you can start it there if not... People respond pretty quickly as well. Best Sherry


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