penn plax cascade extender intake tube

sherryinmaine(5a)February 17, 2009

I give up. I have searched for two days (not all day, you know what I mean) and I cant find a source for cascade 300 penn plax intake tube extender. . . .

got the filter from Kensfish.

Put it on an 80 gal. Intake tube surprisingly short. Many filters I've bought in past come with extra tube. This one doesnt, I guess.

Where to get one? Checked locally too.

I want that baby to extend further down into the tank, not just the first few inches!



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woeisme(z7b NC)

The intake tube is supposed to be telescopic and self extending. At least that is what the advertisement I read says. Is it pulled out all the way? If so, just get a piece of thin wall acrylic tube, also called "Ridgid Tube", usually sold at your LFS that will fit snugly over the intake tube. Cut it to size. If you can't find that go to Home depot or a hardware store that sells flexible vinyl or PVC tubing and do the same thing.

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yes, thanks woeisme, I thought of that too, but didn't have time to go to HD yet (next town over). I will look again at intak e tube. dont think it's telescoping. If it is, then alot of folks are right about what they say about me. . .

(I only use it to clear 'chunks' or lumps out of water a few hours a week. I do partial water changes weekly)

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