Mealybugs on propagated leaves?

SaffireYinOctober 25, 2012

What should I do? There's white fuzz on almost all of my leaves in the dome. I have another dome next to it with one full plant (use to be 2, but found out the 2nd one got crown rot this morning). My latest AV purchase had the mealybugs, so I guess some of them hitchhiked on something when I was adding systemic granules ( These are my first set of leaves, and they have started rooting. SO UPSET!

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Doesn't look like mealy bugs. They usually hide in crack and crevices. That looks like the mold growing on my soil at this moment!
Did you use cottonseed meal or some other organic fertilizer? I read that some organic ferts can cause harmless mold to grow on the surface of the soil. A sprinkle of cinnamon is supposed to kill the mold but not the plantings.
I have tried it but have yet to see any results. Then again, I just did it yesterday. Perhaps you an try too?
Hope that helps!

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I"ve been having this problem with Miracle Gro African violet potting mix.Need more people to email them and complain they need to do something.

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Yes, it does look like mold on the soil.
1) I would suggest to first try to carefully scrape of the top layer of mold and remove as much as you can without disturbing the leaf.
2) You can top dress with some fresh perlite or AV soil.
3) Then stop watering for now and let the soil dry out.
4) Mold usually occurs when theres low light and high humidity. Do you keep the humidity domes under lights or in a dark area?
5) I am assuming the domes to have holes in them for air circulation, if not, then leave lid slightly propped open (you can clip on clothes pin or a binder clip to the dome base and rest the lid on it)
6) Usually mold is not harmful, it just looks bad.

Hope this helps,
Baby Violets

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Yup mold. I spray a sulfur based fungicide on the soil when I see it.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

It is harmless - you can do something or you can ignore it.

Regarding Miracle Grow Mix - they put composted wood chips in a soil. Probably enough organic material to feed the mold. You can probably bake it before using to suppress the fungus. Complaining about it is about as efficient as complaining about the weather. Just do not buy it. Mix you own - get Promix Bx or similar peat based soil and add perlite. Wood chips - I do not think they really belong to the AV soil. They continue to desintegrate taking
nitrogen from the soil.


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