Are these suckers? If yes, do I do out-of-pot surgery?

Begonia2005(7)October 4, 2012

Add this to the list of pestering questions from Begonia. :-(

I am simply not sure whether this plant has multiple crowns. Is that a sucker I see there?

If you think that crown looks like it has a sucker, how do you think I should take it out?

I have seen how Annie has done the surgery by taking the plant out of the pot. The question is: do I need to take the plant out And then re-pot every time I see a sucker?

Is it possible to just cut off the leaves that SEEM like the sucker? That sounds too much of a guessing game to me though.

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Yep, that's a sucker to the left of the crown. It looks small enough that you should be able to use a dull pencil and remove it by pushing to the left, sort of flicking it carefully away. No, you do not have to repot this or take it out of the pot since it is so small. If that doesn't work, use a small tweezer to pluck it.

To the right of the sucker there appears to be an old leaf, very small, adding nothing to the plant. I would remove it also.

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Thank you, bspofford! Yey! I thought so...I am so starting to get it! I snapped them well as that stray leaf that indeed had no place growi ng there. There are more tiny leaves coming out from underneath but they are still extremely small and it is not clear whether they will be suckers or just new leaves.

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Yup ... you got it.

All new leaf growth should come from the center (called the crown) of the plant.

Be careful going after suckers too quickly though, as blooming buds grow out from the same areas of the plant.

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I see little leaves coming from underneath, on the sides...and quite a few of them. Those are CLEARLY not chances are an army of suckers is rising.

I will try to take a picture of them and post it here, just for fun. Maybe it will help others too - Lord knows I had a very hard time understanding what suckers actually are.

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What about this one? I see a stem growing kind of next to the main crown. Is that a sucker too? Does it need to go? Never mind that it's a bit limp anyway. The plant is a starter (quite fragile) and has just been through travel shock. All in all it is doing fine but that seems like a sucker to me.

However, I understood suckers grow in a separate crown (several stems lumped together), not just one.

If anyone could confirm that stalk is a sucker, I would appreciate it.

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Pic didn't post at firs. Here it is.

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bunnycat(z6 NY)

I don't see a sucker. Just different sized leaves.

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