My betta fish will not eat he just stays at the top of the water!

chels19February 23, 2010

Please help me! I have had trouble with my betta fish, named Nollie, since day one. When I first brought him home about a year ago he looked like he might die so I returned to the pet store and aske for advice. They said that he was cold so I put a heAter in the tank with a thermometer and he loves it! He was healthy for so long, but lately he has stopped eating and just floats around motionless. I have tried different types of foods yet he still stayed in the bottom corner of the tank. I noticed slight fraying of his fins, and a few red spots on him. I looked it up online and I believe that he may have fin rot. I went to the pet store a few days ago and bought an antifungal fish remedy, and some aquarium salt. I changed his gallon tank like I always do, and bought all new rocks and plants to make sure he was all clean. I added the suggested salt and remedy, and now he floats at the top of the tank instead of the bottom with his mouth poked up at the top of the tank. I am going to purchase a 5 gallon tank shortly, but should I wait until he is better? Will he ever recover? Please help me! My mom bought him for me a year ago to help ease my anxiety, but now all I do is worry about him! I sit next to his tank for hours waiting for him to get better but no suck luck. I even bought new pellets for him but he refuses to acknowledge the food so then I just scoop it out. Please help nollie :(

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Betas only live about 2 years anyway . Flush him and buy another

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That seems unethical..

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sakmeht(Zone 6)


How often do you change the water? It sounds like he's been doing well for a long time with a sudden diminishing of health. It could just be his time. Betta's don't live for very long. The best treatment for fin rot, in my opinion, is frequent water changes with a small pinch of salt each time. You might try some live foods like blood worms to see if that will perk him up. Good luck!

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Thank you very much for the advice, but fortunately things are looking up. I used my better judgment and did not flush him. Instead I used an anti fungal medication and Epsom salt. I changed his water frequently and he fasted for a while. He has been increasingly looking better and today he even ate! His fins look great and all of the red spots are gone! I am so glad :)

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chels19, don't listen to some idiot who advises you to callously flush your fish away.

It seems you're doing something right with your betta. In fact, I recently purchased some Blackwater Extract for my betta. It will discolor the water (dosage is 1/2 tsp. to 2 gallons of water) but it contains peat that lowers the pH and adds vitamins. Please check your water's pH, and for nitrates and nitrites, hardness, etc. Take a sample to your nearest pet store, they should be able to test your water and make proper recommendations.

I'm glad your betta is doing better.


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i just bought a betta fish 5 days ago >> he kept making bubbles and stays next to it .. when it comes to feeding time .. i tried with him several types of food >> ( flakes,meal worms,river shrimps-tiny shrimps, and even an ANT!!! ) it seems that he refuse to eat !! every hour i come next to his bowl and see if he ate the food >> sadley he didn't eat .. or even touch it !! >>> pleaaase help cuz i love that fish and i dont want him to die quickly :'(

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he is probably just making a bubble nest, sometimes they do that when they settle into their new home. and if he won't eat try feeding him really tiny pieces of frozen green peas, because Bettas sometimes get constipated and won't eat and the pea will be like a laxative.

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