OMG! baby guppy surprise!

gemstoneminpinsFebruary 16, 2006

tonight about 9:30 my moms guppy started having babies... how soon after birth do you need to start feeding the babies? thanks!


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Feed them finely crushed flake food or buy fry food. The finely crushed flake food will be fine, though. Don't overfeed. You don't want to try and clean a tank with lots of tiny babies around that may get sucked up by a gravel cleaner.

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My female (which was thought to be a boy!)guppy is having babies. She looks to have a pinkish sac of some sort hanging out. Is this part of the birthing process and if so which part??

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The yolk sac is what is providing them with nourishment. When it is used up, I would supplement with baby livebearer flake food.

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