This is a chimera right??

Sirron(5)October 8, 2013

I found this at a local nursery today. It was only labeled 'African violet' and the price. Looks like a chimera to me but the center stripe isn't as clearly defined as I'm used to. What do you think, also any thoughts on the variety? It's definitely mini or semi mini

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There are so many varieties of violets it's practically impossible to ID them. You might try growing it from a leaf and see if it comes true. Or check the Optimara site and see if you can ID it there,


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irina_co(z5 CO)

It is probably the "edge", not chimera. They commercials wouldn't be growing chimeras = and sell them for $2.85 = but multiclolor AV can turn chimera without their knowledge. So - start a leaf - just as Linda says if it comes true - it is an edge pattern.

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Linda's right. It's impossible to tell.

However, if it's a mini my guess would be a chimera sport of Optimara Little Hopi Girl or Optimara Little Hopi Girl II.

Either way, you could give Irina's suggestion a try. Optimara Little Hopi Girl II has looks like a chimera but will reproduce true from a leaf cutting.

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HI This discussion has been very interesting to me
because I have two minis that are similar. They
are more of a fantasy than a stripe pattern. For the
price you paid, you got a "deal" as I paid a lot more
for mine from a specialty florist. The closest I found
to try to I.D. it is Little Hope Girl.
I had three,
one died of shop neglect.
Of the two, after they bloomed, they both
developed multiple crowns, it seemed. However, the
leaves were too tiny to distinguish. So I repotted one
into a 3.5" pot
before I knew I was not supposed to. Its leaves now
fill the pot and are larger than its twin in a 2.5" pot.
(They had come in 1.5" or 2" pots.)

I am not good with minis, so I will just leave them
alone to "do their thing" for a while and see if they
bloom again. I got the at a time when I wanted a pop
of color.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Hmm. Minis and semi-minis shouldn't be grown in something very much bigger than a Solo cup. 3.5 inch pot is way too big - you are asking them to go WILD.

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Thanks, Irina, so that's the problem ... Joanne

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deleted duplicate post

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