AV pots...how to use them?

dirtygardener73(9a)October 12, 2010

I have a couple of beautiful AV pots I got at a thrift store very cheap, and I potted up my only two standard violets in them, and lost them both!

I mixed 1/3 perlite with AV soil, as usual, and planted, watered, and added water to the reservoir. It seems the soil stayed too wet, and now they are dead. I managed to salvage a couple of leaves from them, but I'm just heartbroken!

What is the proper way to water with these things? I thought that they were designed not to keep the soil too wet. Perhaps this is why the person gave them away!

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Are they ceramic self watering pots? If so, those let WAY too much water in, even if your soil mixture is light. If you're looking for a good self-watering AV pot, order some Oyama pots. They are all I use and I would never go back to any other pot. Hope you can grow some beauties from your leaves!

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I've had luck with them if I mix more perlite into the soil mix, needs to be really light... then put about an inch of perlite into the bottom of the top part before I plant the violet. Then only keep some water in the bottom well, so it won't absorb too much and stay too wet. My Aunt made some for me, so with some trial and error I got them to work. Repotting is key too because the fertilizer salts don't wash out of the soil. One last thing is if you are buying the store violets, be sure to wash off as much peat from the roots as you can...this will rot the plant very quickly in the ceramic planters.

I love the oyama planters, they work really good for me.


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Thanks for your replies. I'll add more perlite and add some to the bottom and see if that helps. I always soak the roots of store-bought plants and remove most of the medium, because it is mostly peat moss anyway. I'm sorry to have lost the plants, but oh well, live and learn.

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I use half perilite and half peat- this has worked well with these pots, the biggest issue is not letting things go to long before repotting them. I am switching some of my AV to standard pots with humidity trays as a test-

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