?about algae eater, what kind is he?

Tnflower_lover(z 7 TN)March 12, 2006

or she. The ones you by at the pet shop. I keep thinking Bagot?????? (sorry for lack of knowledge) The one that grows pretty big according to the tank. Colored like a leopard, and seem to darken with age. I have on that is pretty young, and is growing fine.

Heres the question: I want to take my(not my tank) down give the fish to someone that will care for them but i would like to keep my big guy. I have a temp. setup for the winter for my Koi indoors. Can I put him/her in with the Koi? Can it go outside? I am planning on another tank for inside, but it will have to wait till after $2,000 mouth work. In the tank now is 2 tiger barbs and common guppies 6-8. This small tank and fish belong to my roomie and he will not feed them, take care of them. I just want them taken care of, and with 2 dogs, Koi's, beta and working 60 hrs. a week i can not keep up. Please help



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some people on the pond forum have kept plecos in with their koi. they do need to come in when it gets cold, as far as i know.

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woeisme(z7b NC)

I was thinking Pleco also. Not really meant for cold water, however it may slow down metabolism and growth. A pond is good because common ones grow to 18". It is most likely a tropical variety, they are hardy but risk of disease is higher in water parameters other then reccomended. Check out the link for ID. Maybe that sight can guide you better. The guppies "may" get eaten (or just attacked) by the barbs. Barbs are semi-aggressive, guppies are peaceful "community fish". I did keep them together as a kid with no problems but keep an eye out for aggression if you don't deside to seperate (reccomended) them.

Here is a link that might be useful: planet catfish site

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riconiferman(z6 RI)

If you didn't pay much for it, it is probably a common pleco. Hypostomus punctatus.

Here is a link that might be useful: common pleco info

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