what caused baby molly to die?

poohgirl1075March 6, 2006

I bought 2 mollies for my son's b-day and surprise, the black molly had 6 babies 2 day's later. It's been 3 wk now and one of the babies died. They're still pretty small and from what I could tell it had a lil' white spot below it's eye. I don't know if this is ich or a sore or what it is. How can I find out? I already got rid of the baby (son was upset)so I can't take it to the pet store for them to look at. They seem to eat pretty well. I did notice 1 of them was a loner. Not sure if this was the one. It just happened last night and I haven't really had a chance to look at them again.

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woeisme(z7b NC)

This is not unusual. Many fry do not make it. It i expected and since you have livebearers that breed requently , to sy the least, it is to be expected. I am not sure if the white spot was ICH. Just keep an eye on the rest. It is upsetting to your son, just look at it as a life lesson. This will probably happen every few months.

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