Goldfish bottom of tank..

ceceilMarch 3, 2006

I'm have read a previous message and all the option and mine still seem different. I first had one fish sitting there now all three are sitting on the bottom, I've added the salt (when just the one was on the bottom) I did what the Glimmering Goldfish site said - I used kosher salt it has been a couple of days and now the other two have joined the first at the bottom. If they are disturbed they appear to be healthy, but when they are sitting there their fins appear to be curled under, more like they are conserving energy.

Could there now be too much salt in the tank??? I have done all the water checks and they are fine, I know I haven't allowed the 'good bacteria' to build in the filter as yet, I didn't know I wasn't supposed to clean to 'sponge' in the Whispher filter, thus the reason for the cloudy water in my tank. PLEASE HELP...I'm going out of town for a week in a couple of days and I don't want to loose my fish. Thanks! BTW tank is 30 gallon, just regular gold fish.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I take it this tank has not been setup long?? My guess would be you're getting an ammonia or nitrite spike.
Sounds like poisoning which causes them to become inactive due to poor oxygen exchage.
Was going to suggest a test but if you have no other tank it won't do any good. Increase aeration or ciculation
and donot feed until they become active again.
Don't disturb them ,will only cause an incresed oxygen demand and compound the problem.
If you have a good water supply do a patial water change
be sure to use dechloinater. No more than ten percent and equal temp.Skip the salt you want bacteria now lol.
Good luck Goldfish are tough they may surpise you!!

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Thank you for the response. Actually the tanks been up for a long time that is why I'm concerned. I've done all the ammonia checks yes it was high after the initial water change so I added the amminolock the recommended number of times and they still sit on the bottom (all other levels pH, Nitrate are fine) What else could it be? I'm really fearing that haveing to be gone for a week will have me come home to a very unhappy surprise :( Anything else I can check?

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It's possible that it could be swim bladder disease.

Here is a link that might be useful: Swim Bladder Disease

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I came across this when looking for a cleaner for my turtle tank. Maybe it'll tell you what's wrong with your fish. The most important parts are the problem descriptions and the causes. The products listed are only from one company, but other companies probably have similar products.

Here is a link that might be useful: Green Bay Aquarium Society Tropical Fish Problem Solver Chart

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Do you have pebbles in the tank? My ping pong pearlscale was lying on the bottom of the tank, gasping for air. Took him to the Animal Clinic of Morris Plains, NJ to see Dr. Paul. Turns out he had swallowed a rock! They took an X-ray, did surgery, and pulled it out. (Photos available on the Animal Clinic's Facebook page) Now Cali is as good as new! Please take your fish to a vet who can take an X-ray. No one believed that my little guy was capable of swallowing a pebble so big, but it happens! No more pebbles in my tank now.

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