Betta laying eggs

jill1979March 3, 2007

My friend just bought a betta and neither of us know anything about them. She thought she got a male but it looks like the betta has laid eggs and became quite aggressive after laying them. Is this common for females without males around? What should you do with these unfertilized eggs? Are these even eggs she is releasing? PLease let us know!

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reg_pnw7(WA 7, sunset 4)

Unlikely it's a female. They look mighty plain. I've seen them at Petco but they're not fancy at all and were clearly labeled as females and on a separate shelf from the males. The fins are much smaller than in males.

Males make spit bubbles on the surface of the water, that might be what you're seeing. I was told that means they're happy when they do that. And they're normally aggressive, that's why they're called siamese fighting fish. I have a friend from Vietnam and every time he sees my betta he likes to tell me how they're used for fighting and gambling in Vietnam.

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The things that seem like eggs are actually lying at the bottom of the tank now. So I can't figure it out adn should whatever it is be removed? They have been there for two days now.

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