Good fishes for a heated 20 gallon standard, My PH tap is 6.8.

runsnwalkenMarch 9, 2008

I'm thinking of using a sand/live plant growing substrate, Something I've NEVER done before, and using driftwood and growing live plants along with fish. I already have a glass lid( going to buy the lighting sep for plants as I've heard the ones that come with kits are inferior for most plants,) the filters a penguin 150 BIO-wheel power filter. This will be a heated aquarium, 78 to 80, What's a good heater to buy?

My taps PH is 6.8, so what types of fish are good for me to try out?

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Supreme is a good compant for heaters and I would start out with livebearers to see how they do.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I think the best approach to any tank Decide what is MOST important plants or animals.?? If plants decide what types and how landscaped or multi species you want. There are plants that will grow in any situation and light levels
You do not need elaborate substrates in fact you can grow many without any at The most important thing is LIGHT. I'd aim for 40 watts of daykight white 10/12 hours a day. This will give you adequet light for many species yet not require CO2 or heavy substrate.
You can get by with as little as 20 watts if you stick with hardy floating, or limited rooters such as Java moss or fern. Root these to driftwood or rocks and leave the light gravel empty.
For tanks where the plants are most important. your best choice is tetras. A nice school of a single species
Many types to choose from though I'd stick with those that stay under 2 inches.
Are you really sure your water is that acid?? Tap water tends to be hard and alkaline. If this is a true normal reading tetras might be your only choice. This is also a bit acid for many plants. Not to worry they will adapt lol.
If you want more speciics of fish and plants I could do that there are just SOOOO many choices. lol

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How about Thread fin rainbows? I hear they are pretty easy. Yes my PH from tap was 6.8, got intested at my local Petco I have kept fish before, used to have bullheads from the bait shop, thats how I started fish keeping. I really like German Blue Rams too.

Used to have a giant 15 inch oscar in a 125 gal in my basement,but he died from hole-in-the-head-disease

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Both those would be good choices. No Oscars in a planted tank unless you want it relandscaped every day lol

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Actually I have seen Oscars in planted Aqura, pictures from books, but it was a VERY large aquarium. like over 500 gallons.

And I know a 20 is torture for an oscar, no way am I going that rote, I think Threadfins would be okay if I could get the New gunna type not the Ones from land down Under as these are paler in coloration, What about rummy nose tetras? Would 8 of these and one ram be overstocking a 20, if so I could get 8 Threadfins or white clouds to put in with the ram instead?.

Sense Rams and white clouds, rummy nose tetras/ thread fin ranbows,ect/ are vastly over bred does anyone know a good breeder of these fish?

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

If the tank is large enough you can break almost all the rules I've seen plants kept with African cichlids Even siver dollars can be kept with plants if large enough actually it's good for them. All fish benefit from plants
it's usually the plants that suffer.
rummy nose are a bit more delicate than the average tetra but not impossible for sure.
There are many sites on the web with profiles.
White clouds would appreciate some cooler wat than the T fins. gary

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Yeah I was consittering those, How long should I wait before aiding fish, two weeks perhaps, I just set it up this monday.

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Would catching my own small native fishes( darters,minnows) from a lake or river be okay for stocking a 20 gallon/ I live near the Mississippi/ ( if I waited until spring-summer/its mid-March now/ AND get an okay from the DNR?) Reason being I don't have much money and native fishes are free if you catch them, don't need heaters, plus they can be returned back to where they were caught if something in life happens, like moving ect.

Tried to join a Native fish web ring but couldn't get in. ( are there any forums on garden web that are for "Native fish")

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