Feeding Peas to goldfish

reg_pnw7(WA 7, sunset 4)March 3, 2007

I have two fancy goldfish, an orange and white comet and an orange and brown oranda. The oranda is having swim bladder problems. He eats well, and can swim when he tries, but when he stops paddling he floats on his side.

They love oranges so I've given them little slices of orange and they gobble that down. They won't touch lettuce or dandelion greens or water veronica. It's way to early in the season here for duckweed or fairy moss, two of their favorites. I got them some dried seaweed last night, the package said 'for all fresh and salt water omnivores' and that includes goldfish. And, they love it. I also have frozen bloodworms which they'll eat but the worms sink so fast most end up in the gravel. I have dried tubifex worms too, would those be good for him?

Then I tried the peas like I see posted here all the time for swim bladder problems. I soaked them in hot water for a minute to thaw, and cut them in two and split off the skin, and carefully slid them into the feeding ring - and they dropped like a stone to the bottom. Now if I drop one right in front of the fish and he sees it, he'll eat it. Otherwise they're just trashing up the bottom. How do you all get the peas to float long enough for the fish to eat them?

This has been going on for over a week now. Should I eliminate the flake food entirely until he's better?

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justuschickens(nCA mtns z7)

I don't let them get soft. I just peel off the skin and drop it in by the time I handle it and then with the tank room temp or better it melt fast but floats for awhile.

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I have a couple goldfish and the larger one had swim bladder issues. When feeding flake food PRE soak it for a few seconds in a cup of tank water, not a full cup just enough to cover the flakes and swirl them around until they no longer float (a few seconds). Then pour into the tank. Goldfish will gulp air at the surface I find, this will stop that after the first few times when they realize the food sinks now. peas work great, just sehll the pea and warm it up a bit in warm water. It DOES help as well.


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My goldfish for about a week has had a problem staying right side up as well. He was very active at swimming upside down. He can't seem to eat anything upside down. I have tried the peas crushed and fed them to him manually. He eats them and holds them in his mouth area for a while before expelling them out. He has slowed down a lot and sits upside down at the bottom of the tank. He does move around slowly from time to time. Does anyone else know what I can do do get him to eat? Someone told me the reason his belly looks bigger is he's bloated from sucking in the air from eating the food floating at the top of the tank. They said the peas would help relieve the gas, but I can't make him eat it. Any suggestions? It's my 12 year daughters fish. I don't want him to die. She will be heart broken.

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If peas are messing up the tank try green beans. I use the french cut style and cut them really small.


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if i have a cheesy goldfish do i feel him cheese and let him swim around in dmelted cheese? or should i just send him to wisconsin cuz its cheesier. I donr want my cheese gettin all moldy. the fish died tho.. do i eat the cheese? or make a cheese fish sandwich and feed it to the dog? my dog reaally likes cheese

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I don't know if it's a good idea to feed acidic foods to goldfish. Peas you can take out of the freezer,peel and slice a bit a toss into the water. They will drop to the bottom if they make it that far. I also feed spinach and live larvae as well as frozen treats from the LFS and some brine shrimp. You need the vitamins from the flake so don't give those up. And I've never seen a need to soak the flakes in water prior to feeding. Just monitor how much you are putting in and don't put it in all at once.

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