Use Apple Snail and African Dwarf Frog to cycle new tank?

lawn_slave(Z6a (IN))March 2, 2006

Can I use an Apple Snail and African Dwarf Frog to cycle a new 10 gal tank? Surely their poo/pee is productive in the ammonia/nitrite/nitrate thingy.

Its got a power filter (w/bio-filter) and a heater...

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Would think so but some frogs have very sensitive skin.
So go slowly and test ,Wait at least two weeks before adding anything else.
there are ways to cycle without lifeforms that I always use which to me seem more humane

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Please you have to be kidding. Yes you can do it but both could be dead very quickly.

Use Zebra Danio they are very tough and extremly cheap.
Doing a fishless cycle can be done but it involves using the correct chemicals at the correct strength.

Before you add any fish do a complete water test and add the new fish very slowly.

I think you will find more info at



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woeisme(z7b NC)

IMO the best way to cycle a new aquarium is with a Fishless cycle using a free and clear type of household cleaning ammonia . It usually takes about 28 days, unless you can get filter media and/or gravel from someones disease free established aquarium. The best thing is you wont risk poisoning fish. Some where in here is a thread with directions and a link. If you are interested try to find it or post again if you have no luck.

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lawn_slave(Z6a (IN))

Why no Keith, I'm not kidding.

Thanks everyone.

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If you do decide to use an apple snail and hope to keep him alive for any length of time, make sure you get some calcium for the tank. I didn't know about it (thought they got all they neededd from the food) until after mine died!

I had that exact combination for a long time. I found the frogs to be pretty darn tolerant to a newbie like me! A year later he's still going strong. Oh yeah, make sure you cover your tank at all times, including when you remove them to do a thorough cleaning. I lost one of my frogs that way :(

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