Leaves turning colors

Ashley927(6)October 8, 2013

I've had this AV for about 6 months. It has been doing really well but lately the leaves on 2 of the plants are turning lighter green and then eventually tan. They aren't wilted or soft. Is it getting to much sun? Do you think there are to many plants in the pot? It looks like there 4 in there.

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Looks soil too wet that cause it starts rotting and the leaves are soft and brown color. Too much watering. The soil is kept moist is the optimum level. I use perlite on wicking system to grow my avs.

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I've gotten this before.

It could be too much light (sun).

I just got a plant from a vendor which looks similar. Their explanation ... too much sun.

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If they are the older leaves, this is probably just natural aging. You should divide and re-pot all the crowns, with fresh soil and proper size pots. Remove the pale leaves when you do this and you should see new, healthy growth.


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