Clamped dorsal find on Cory... any thoughts please?

sherryazure(6)March 24, 2006

I bought four corys (black spots with larger black band around eye cory P...) and knew they were coming from tank that had fungus on fish... none the less, I bought them as I felt badly for them. Fish with fungus were guppies at local store. These four remaining cories 'seemed' ok.

I quarantined them for to short a time - a few days, to really bring ph up, as they seemed more stressed in hospital tank. Went in with guppies I have.

Every body acting fine, but noticed one did not hang out with group. Now he rests a lot on a leaf (anubias) and top fin is clamped down. No other visible signs of anything (so far).

What to do. Not knowing exactly what is wrong, not sure what to do but don't think he is up to par with others. Any help much appreciated.

I know the old salt water treatment is out of question, so not sure what type of prophylaxis might be in order, other then the melefix and primafix I have added to main tank. (haven't removed charcoal so not sure how effective, but would remove fish to own tank)

Thanks Sherry

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Now, I am observing all of them better (turn lights down on low anyway) and notice that sometimes when at rest the others have their fins down a bit as well. The other cories I have (bronze and some sort of spotted one) I have not seen this in before. They are all active, eating well, so could it be that a certain type behaves differently when at rest? At any rate, have set up hospital tank with same water et al, just in case. Thanks for any thoughts from worry wart me. Best Sherry

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Top fins don't always stand up high.

I've found with my cories if I see something going on, water changes help out. They're hardy little fish - but they do get hit every once in a while (sometimes fungus, sometimes ich seems to strike one or another - usually when I've neglected the tank a bit)

Bronze cories are very hardy.

Here's a good link:

Here is a link that might be useful: planet catfish - corydoras

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Thanks Skygee, I think he is ok, and again, don't see any other signs. He swims around a lot, but rest on this one leaf... guess I am used to the bronze cories which rest on the bottom... these have spots and bands... guess I thought they have to stand straight up, lol... will watch carefully. (did the usual partial water change, guess I am nervous as to where they came from, lfs tank with fungus).

Just reading that due to the nature of bottom feeders ie catfish, they have pretty hardy immune systems. Like rats! I am pretty good at tank maintanence. Thanks for link Sherry

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Sherry......I am wondering if you are stressing yourself out for nothing. Cories will sit with their fins up, down and part way in-between.

Now having said that....When you bring in new fish....I HIGHLY recomment quarantine for 6 weeks to 2 month or longer.....even if you think they look healthy. Sometimes once they have been exposed to something in the pet doesn't show up right away......sometimes it takes a good 2 months to see signs and symptoms.

Are your corys ...Corydoras punctatus?

If you still suspect a problem with your cories.....put them in a seperate tank.....and do small partial water changes when you feed to make sure they are all eating.


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