Climate Effects, Abraham Darby

rideauroselad E.Ont4bJuly 18, 2014

I took the following images of my plant of Abraham Darby, which is known as a very large shrub or climber for most of you. Not so in zone 4b where it is only marginally hardy. Mine grows in a bed where it gets covered with snow from the snowblower all winter, which is likely the only reason it survives here.

This summer, it seems to be very happy, I've been spraying occasionally with sulphur and feeding regularly. Abe is blooming well and putting on nice new growth. However, he is less than a metre high ( 3 ft. ) perhaps only 60 cms ( 2 ft ) in my climate.

Thought some images of this notoriously rampant rose growing as a demure shrub might interest those who grow him in warm places. His growth is lax here, almost polyantha like. But he is a beauty this year. Heres some pics:

Close up;

and, from afar.

A rather good illustration of the differences climate can make in particular cultivars I think.

Cheers, Rick

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meslgh(DFW 8a)

How lovely!

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

Large or small, those gorgeous blooms still make an impact. The flower bed you've made is really beautiful!


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muscovyduckling(Melbourne, Australia)

Gee, those hollyhocks look smashing! What a sweet little bed.

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Abe and the hollyhocks are beautiful. I also grow that rose. Here in the Pacific Northwest, he is about 5' tall by 5' wide. I love that rose. He has a little BS as I don't spray. Too many little critters around. Both the 4 legged variety and the 2 legged grandbabies.
2 years ago I planted golden celebration and its proving to be a winner also.

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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

Beautiful pictures! Abe was my favorite in Pa. He was only about 4 ft tall but had this one branch that keep shooting up and looking rediculous. But I loved its blooms so ! Your holly hocks are fantastic. Are they from seed or plants you bought? I've only had one bloom for me. Interested in trying again! :)

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rideauroselad E.Ont4b

Hi lilyfinch,

The Hollyhocks are all self seeded plants. I've had a love, hate relationship with Hollyhocks. They are very susceptible to Hollyhock rust and the leaves are often shredded by earwigs and other critters.

This year however, I am definitely in the love phase. The difference is I started spraying my roses with lime sulphur, the same stuff you mix with dormant spray oil. You can also use it on its own diluted in water. So since I am spraying the roses, I have been taking some of the lower leaves off the Hollyhocks and giving them a good spray as well. You have to get the bottoms of the leaves to kill the rust spores. So this year, we near the end of July and I have no rust on them and the sulphur drench also seems to have deterred the leaf chewers.

Double jackpot!!! So now, I have both glorious roses and gorgeous Hollyhocks.

Try the Hollyhocks again and if you are not averse to spraying once or twice a season, I think they will do wonderfully for you.

Cheers, Rick

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porkpal zone 9 Tx

Your Abraham Darby is lovely. I am surprised you can grow it there at all. Well done!

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