Plant broke off its neck, will the neck reproduce?

fortyseven_gwOctober 22, 2013

Hi Linda, Irina, and All,

One of my favorite AVs took a nose dive off its shelf
and broke off from its neck, which had
grown in a curve. Should I leave
the neck alone in the pot? Might it grow a sprout
on what is left of the neck? Or should I discard it?

I trimmed the crown of the plant
of its blooms and larger leaves, scraped
down the neck and dusted it with cinnamon. I planted it
in a 2.5" pot with an aerated soil mix and watered it
with a diluted root supplement as I have learned
to do on this forum. I will soon put it under a dome.
I will pot up the leaves separately.

The plant is one of a pair of "identical twins." I got
the two at the same time from the same grower.
Over the years, they have exhibited virtually identical
growth and bloom patterns. They are compact, so I
had not discovered the curved over necks until joining
this forum and getting an education.

I do plan to repot the other plant as well. However,
I was not intending to perform such drastic surgery.
I was just hoping to scrape down the curved neck
a bit, cut off some roots, and bury the neck more
deeply into freshened while keeping it in a 4" pot.

In a few days, we are going away for a week, so
realistically, it will probably be two weeks before
I can repot the other plant.

While it was charming to have a matched set of
two plants, that would not be a valid enough
reason to perform such drastic surgery on
the other plant.

Thank you in advance for any advice! I will also
consult "Grow to Show."

Joanne 47

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I have two necks sprouting now. I re-rooted the crowns and kept the necks to see if they would sprout. (They are chimeras so I thought it would be interesting to see if they would reproduce this way easily.) I just put them under a dome with the rest of my plants and they are growing nicely. I did nothing else with them. Give it a try!


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paul_(z5 MI)

This should help answer your Q

Here is a link that might be useful: Look here

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Thanks Linda! I will look forward to pics.
I just domed both the repotted crown and the neck
and potted a few of the broken off leaves. All
went under the same dome.
Paul, I would not have had the courage!

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