Setting up New Discus Tank....question

mmajicmann(5b)March 18, 2013

hi peeps... getting back into the hobby! considering a 120gal tall.....60x18x25 or a 90gal 48x18x24 for discus and i used to use undergravel filters but the preferred nowadays is a wet-dry sump below the tank with trickle and room for heater... should i buy a 'reef ready' with pre-drilled holes and built in overflow? dont really like the idea of holes in the tank but seems cleaner and safer during power outage... anyone have a pic? best way to go?

also...what if the return pump flows at a different rate than the incoming water from tank syphon? dumb question? thanks in advance!

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james_ny(z7 NY)

The reef style tanks are expensive and you could probably do ok without all the wet/dry filters. Underground filters are ok but must be cleaned to stay effective. and additional filter or 2 would add a margin of safety. a hang over the back and/or a cannister would be good. Good luck.

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thanks james....agreed!

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Think if I were to do it particularly for Discus Instead of
the w/d filter would spend the money on a auto or semi water change , along with a RO system.. if ornamental you could go heavily planted or for breeding bare bottom .
You'd always have ideal water conditions as well as save you a ton of work gary

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