Got a yellow Mystery snail for a 20 gallon white cloud tank.

runsnwalkenMarch 22, 2008

Basically its a reg 20 gallon with 6 white clouds, I plan to add 6 more long fined ones to form a mixed short long fin school of twelve, Today at Petsmart I brought and aided a gold mystery snail to the setup.

Will the White clouds harm it? I know these are very peaceful fish. Also its about as big as a quater or fifty cent peace, how much bigger should it get in the 20 gallon, will I need to upgrade?, I'm trying to have a low stocking level for fish/animal health.

My PH is 7.0, I heard snails like harder water, mine has a slight crack in its shell, is there anything I can do to fix it. Got an Aquarium clip for dark greens and the tank isn't heated.

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sakmeht(Zone 6)

12 white clouds would be fine in a 20gallon and a snail would be a great addition. Mystery snails do tend to go after live plants though, so keep that in mind. I'm not sure if anything needs to be done about the crack in his shell or what you could do, but keeping the pH at 7 or above would be best for his shell health. One of the easiest ways to raise the hardness of your water is to add some crushed coral. It's quite common in african rift tank set-ups... Just a bit mixed into your regular gravel would raise the hardness enough to ensure the health of your snails shell.

The only thing that concerns me would be your water temp. They do best in water that is 78 to 84 degrees, but could probably do ok in mid to low 70's. You may want to re-think this type of snail if your water will be getting into the 60's. Goodluck!

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