Any Gardenweber's into saltwater?

winskirk(6a ONT)March 18, 2005

Is this forum only for fresh water?

I have a saltwater aquarium with some questions.


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Do you have a reef tank or a fish only tank?? I have a 55[soon to be 75) gallon salt water fish only tank..I was hesitant to take the plunge at first but its turning out ok so far! I work at an aquarium store part time and have been a fish head for years but just never did salt till about 2 years ago when my hubby feel in love the puffers.

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james_ny(z7 NY)

I have a 240 gal Undersea Habitat saltwater tank.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Lol, I was under the impresion that all saltwater tanks were undersea habitats.

I would suggest you find your way to a bigger forum if you have questions about SW, Gardenweb really isn't oriented towards Saltwater, unless of course your looking for advice on keeping your caulerpa growing strong.

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240 gallons...WOW...I am jealous!! what do you have in it???

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winskirk(6a ONT)

I just bought a new anenome and the clown doesn't seem to be interested in it. The Clown is a Maroon Clown and the sea anenome is a Pacific type so they should mix.
I think the Clown was tank rased do you think this has anything to do with it??
I will try to post a pic of the clown and anenome soon, meanwhile here is my tank:

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The fact that the clown is tanked raised has a lot to do with it, he hasnt had an anemone in the past and may not know what to do right away. Plus I dont know the specifics of the exact matches, but I do know that only anemones of a certain type are accepted by clowns and other anemones growing in the same area are rejected.. Check around on line or at a reef savvy store and make sure its the right kind and if it is then its a waiting game to see if and when the lil clown tries to make friends. I have heard of some tank raised babies who never make the bond even when presented with the right partner. Most of the time they do, it is hardwired into them.
Make sure you have the right lighting to keep the anemone alive, they are delicate and can die if its not just right. Good luck to you on getting a partnership going, it should be fun to watch!

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winskirk(6a ONT)

Thanks Crish,

Ya these tank raised clowns are always a little retarted!!
The last one I had (in my pics) was so stupid he just hung around the top of the tank all the time and if I wanted to catch him I could just reach in the tank and grab him with my hand!! I had him for 2 years and got rid of him because he was useless.
I should have no problem with my anenome I have a 250 watt MH. Infact the last anenome I had outgrew my tank it grew to at least 18" in diameter.

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james_ny(z7 NY)

An undersea habitat tank is made by a guy in California. He cuts and fits feather rock into 3 sides of the tank than drills holes in the rock to fit coral heads. Beautiful effect but pricy. He used to advertise in FAMA not sure if he's still in business.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

not all pacific anemonies host, tube anemonies for instance are very difficult to host. A good trick for giving your clown the right idea is to tape a picture of a clown hosting in an anemony to the side of the tank where your clown can see it. However anemony growth isnt necessarily a sign of a happy cnidarian, anemonies need light and if they are starved for light they bolt out to the sides, filling there bodys with lts of water and streatching themselves out as much as they can.

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winskirk(6a ONT)

James, I would love to see some pics of the tank!!
Brendan, I have the anemonie directly under the MH so he should be fine. The last one I had for 2 years before he outgrew the tank when I got it it was only 3" in diameter.

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sjv78736(austin texas)

your tank is lovely.
i too have had reluctant tank-raised clowns, and even a few who were not tank-raised. sometimes it takes awhile for them to make 'a marriage'.
keep us posted.

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