Cichlid Breeding Questions

charlie78March 21, 2007

A friend gave me a couple of Golden Severums about 4 months ago. I initially put them in a 55 gal. community tank and, much to my delight, they proved to be a matched set and produced offspring. About a week after the babies hatched, something ate them. So, I moved all the other community fish to another tank and now the two Severums have the place to themselves. I put the obligatory terra cotta pot in there with hopes they'd use it for laying eggs. Well, the male thinks the pot is his. The female has laid eggs in other places a couple of times, but they disappear rather quickly. The fish are well fed as far as I can tell. Can anyone help me understand what I can do to help them follow through on the reproduction and rearing cycle? I don't know what to try next.

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bambi_too(5 Ohio)

Offer them a number of spawning sites. You disturbed them, they will settle in and get with the program sooner or later. They may or may not be good parents, and might not rear their young, you might want to add a few small tetras or danios so they have something to defend the fry against, it will often reinforce their parenting instincts, and will probably help keep her from getting beat up.

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I think you;re doing fine with the pots. A little live food for conditioning wouldn't hurt.

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