No More Brown and Green Algae in Tank

imaginators(z6 KY)March 28, 2005

I have a 2 3/4 months old tank and was having brown algae after I had siphoned it in 1 week. Even after treating water to get nitrates in safe zone the water was still very hard. Well I ended up buying purified water at the market. I even tested the purified water. The test results were in the best zone and no hard water. Well I filled 3/4s of the tank with purified water. What a major change. No algae problems after a month. I just recently purchased a new AquaPharm tap water purifier over Ebay to always have plenty purified water on hand. To get the most of my purified water, I even use the aquarium weekly water change for my terrarium plants and Orchids. Good, safe, clean water does make a difference.


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pequafrog(z7a/Long Island)

That's great Theresa.
How much does an AquaPharm run? I may want to try that route.


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Terrific!! I'm sure you are so happy to _see_ your fish for a change! ;)

Great news! :)

Are you finally getting Spring by you? Are you gearing up your pond?!

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imaginators(z6 KY)

Good day to you Skygee,
Yes I think Spring is finally here in zone 6. Oh I am so ready for getting back to my 2 ponds. I was ready 2 months ago. How about you?

Hi PequaFrog,
I won it on Ebay, if you call it winning. I bought it new at $21.00 not including shipping. I gather it sells in retail pet stores around $39.00 not including sales tax. Since I am waiting for the delivery of it, I can not tell you how I like it yet. I am still using the market water for water changes.
Here is some information on Aqua Pharmaceutical Tap Water Purifier.
Makes Perfect Deionized Aquarium Water with super activated carbon and colour changing Ion-Exchange Resin.
As the cartridge changes color the Tap Water Purifier removes all dissolved minerals including calcium, sodium, sulfate, carbonate, magnesium, potassium, chloride, fluoride. Removes all heavy metals including copper, zinc, lead, iron, cadmium, manganese algae promating nutrients. Including phosphate, nitrate, ammonia, silicate, nitrite chlorine and chloramine radon organic pollutants. Also insecticides, herbicides, pcbs, other pesticides, gasoline, fuel oil, agricultural and industrial pollutants. The tap water purifier attaches to your faucet, producing 50 to 150 gallons of perfect aquarium water "DEPENDING" on the mineral content of your tap water.

I know of one person who swears by it. As he purifies the water he lets the water hose into a clean trash can for storage. Then gets the water as he needs it. He had found it a lot easier this way. I am thinking of doing this as well, not only you have stored water for you fish and plants but emergency water as well.


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My pond fish are still somewhat in the dormant stages... a couple of spates of warm days late winter brought them into activity, but of late, they're still laying quietly in the pond. ohhh - I just love my pond fish!!

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pequafrog(z7a/Long Island)

Thanks for the info. Theresa. I'm gonna do some research on them.

Sky, my comets and Koi are starting to wake up. When the sun hits the pond, they rise up to enjoy. I actually fed them a bit last week, for the first time since November. I guess they've been eating algae this winter, because they all look bigger. I'm a little worried that I haven't seen frogs or turtles yet. I sure hope they're okay!


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Hey Andy - I use those aquamats... and they've worked really well in my pond. Grows lots of stuff for my koi to munch on during the winter (aside from what's growing along the sides of the pond). They help keep the water clear, too! And it's the one thing my koi haven't managed to tear up in the pond. heh heh!

Mine are all looking bigger, too. I bought a couple of small shubunkins late last summer - very pretty. They survived well!

Have you ever gone to Hick's for Koi?? Some of the prettiest Koi I have I got there!

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imaginators(z6 KY)

What is Hick's for Koi? Is it a fish store near you? I will also have to check out this aquamats. This is all new to me.
My 8 Koi seem to be coming out of their dormant state. The water is still very cold. The 8 feeder Goldfish were never really in a dormant state for very long. Last year they were only 1" long with colors solid white or black, now they are around 4" long with solid orange and a few of black & orange mixed. I guess they are no longer considered feeder goldfish. Heehee! Honestly I stopped feeding my fish around November. It must be all that green algae veggie kept them going.

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pequafrog(z7a/Long Island)

Mine too Theresa.
Sky, can I tell you that I used to work at Hicks Nursery?! I grew up around the corner so I could ride my bike there. I still know some of the old timers working there and I say hi whenever I stop by. I work in Garden City so it's about a 15 minute drive during lunch.--definitely doable.
Today I went to Aquarium Adventures for lunch. They have excellent quality Shubunkin for $2.49. I think I'm going to buy 3 or 4 there to cycle my new tank.


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Aquamats are really terrific!! I kinda got sold on them by a pond guy at a garden center (he's since gone onto landscape design) who really knew his stuff since he'd try all of the stuff out! LOL He is sorely missed at that garden center!! I bought mine locally, but you can find them cheaper online.

Hicks is a very old family owned garden center on Long Island. Usually most of the people in the pond department there are super-knowledgeable! Prices are a little higher than some places, but the fish are just gorgeous and the plants are also varied and healthy, too!

Here is a link that might be useful: aquamats

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pequafrog(z7a/Long Island)

Sadly, the owner passed away recently way before his time. He was the grandson of the founder. The Hicks family opened the Nursery in the 1850's. His son has taken over.
You're right, Sky, they are a bit more pricey but it's usually worth it. Even on plants.
In all seasons, they have things for children like 'otto the ghost' during halloween and around Christmas time they have live animals and horse drawn "sleigh" rides.
Hicks was a huge part of my childhood and I have some fond memories.


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