More adventures of 'popsicle'

sierra_z2bMarch 24, 2006

Since seed starting has started in our gardening zone...I seem to be spending more time with Sicle. We now have quite a routine that we follow.

First thing in the morning...I go in and turn on the lights for the plants....yes Sicle shares his room with the plants in the spring until they get transplanted in the garden after last frost. He/She doesn't seem to mind though. Although I am surprised! :O

Now I have to tell ya...this fish has developed quite an attitude. The lights comming on..of course wake him/her up. So after about 5 minutes or so....he/she starts swimming around all I don't know if its because he/she has company or what.......however if I don't feed when this swimming around starts....I certainly get ummmmm "told" about it and if I'm standing close enough to the tank.....get splashed upon. What a bad fish I have here. Tsk Tsk

He/she swims quickly around the tank...up to the corner where the food is usually dropped in ...then back to the front to check to see what I'm doing or whats taking so long.......then back to the corner for all he's/she's worth....with yup a big splash everytime there is no food there. The splashes get bigger and BIGGER with each passing swim. Geez this fish has attitude. I keep warning him/her if he/she keeps splashing me....I won't feed him/her....but obviously this fish takes nothing I say seriously.

Now whats a fishkeeper to do with such a knotty fish?

Take an umbrella with me or wear a rain suit...hmmmmmm ;-)

Happy Spring everyone!

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love it! guess you don't have to worry about humidity levels for your plants, eh? :)

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Popsicle wants a pond... so I hope you're still planning!!

He also wants some playmates so he can teach them the tricks of splashing for food.

And then you can use his old home for....


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Hi guys,

The plants do really well in there. The humitidy isn't that bad because the air is so dry here. Ohhhhhhh maybe I should just set the trays right beside the tank ...then I won't have to water them.....haha

Oh is that what he is telling me..he wants a Sicle a he? Hmmmmmmm

I have been looking for a buddy for him....but haven't been able to find anything that looks healthy and nice yet.

And yes still thinking about a pond....will this give this fish more attitude? Maybe its not a good idea.

Guppies Galore.....hee hee...don't think so....


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