How can I 'unseal' an aquarium???

appyhorseyMarch 26, 2010


I'm new on here. I am needing some help:

I have a HUGE aquarium that is narrow and DEEP. I want to use it for Bearded Dragons. (No water in it.) I am wanting to UNSEAL and remove one whole side, then lay the aquarium on it's other side (glass down, and the "original" top to the side). I would then "re-seal" the "removed" glass onto what WAS the "top", therefore making a "low" long, wide aquarium for my Dragons. (With an "open top".)

I hope I explained this well enough. Anyway, I am just wanting to know HOW can I 'Un Seal' a whole pane of glass from an aquarium?

Altho I prefer to remove the pane in "one piece", I wouldn't be terribly upset if I broke that ONE pane of glass. I do not want to break the other 3 sides or the bottom, tho.

This is a VERY HEAVY aquarium, the glass is VERY Thick. I measured it and it's 1/2 inch thick glass!

THANKS for any/all help.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Is this a all glass tank or a metal frame one?
I all glass,use a single edge razor blade to cut through the silicone bead between the panes of glass quite easy to do.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

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