Flowers dried up and died

armygrdnr(8)October 19, 2012

The Optimara Hiroshige that I had just bought had several blooms on it with several more on the way and today all the existing blooms have turned brown and died but the buds are still present from before. It is getting indirect and filtered sunlight from an east facing window that is approximately four feet away from the bookshelf it is on. The potting mix is moist but not soaked and it is in the same pot it was in when I bought it (4in pot). Also the leaves are exhibiting no unhealthy symptoms. The other AV I bought at the same time still has all of its blooms and is doing well so what has happened with this one? Thanks for your help!

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nyxx(z7 Virginia)

Sounds to me like it was just those blooms end time. Had it been anything else the buds would be dead as as well. Or dying and as long as that isn't the case I don't think you have any worries, pest or water wise. You might want to move the plants closer to the window though. If I am reading correctly four feet away from the filtered sun seems a bit far to me.

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Four feet from the window is TOO FAR AWAY to provide adequate light.

Your plants need to be no further than a foot from the light source.

Your plants will only be able to sustain blooms with adequate light.

You can supplement your window light with artificial (fluorescent) light. You can hang fluorescent fixtures
or use the new spiral CFL bulbs in a regular houselamp.

But you're going to need more light.

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Thanks for the responses! I have moved them closer to the window now and will anxiously await the new buds blooming. I was concerned that being too close to the window would be too much light. Thanks again everyone!

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