Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mini fantasy how do i water????????

leslie_virnig221(52501)October 16, 2009

i just bought a miniature fantasy purple with pink splotches. i'v never had a mini how do i not drownd him? i water from the top. i havent watered him yet. also i found a leaf that might be from him and might not so i planted it.its pointed, so i hope its something different. please help.

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Okie_Deb(6 OK. zip 737)

I just am a beginner also. I just got my first 2 orders in and I sat them in a bowl of lukewarm water (with VF-11 added) for about 20 minutes. I figured that way they would draw up what they needed water wise. So far so good but its only been a day. haha. Leaves were a bit limp on one from the trip to get to me and they have stiffened as they should be now.
Someone will tell us I'm sure if how I did it was correct. Ok folks put me against the brick wall and aim good or tell me I did ok. hahaha.,,,,Debbie :-P

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Minis have the same water needs as semis and standards, just on a smaller scale.

I find watering to be easiest (if not wicking) by setting the plant in a bowl, add room temp water to the bowl, and after 15 minutes dump out the excess. That way I can be sure that the entire root ball is dampened, not just the top.


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I use a syringe to water the tiny plants. The syringe is marked with ml (milliliters) and I know from testing how many ml the different size pots take. The mini pots from Cape Cod Violetry, for example, that have their own snap-on saucer take 2 ml if the soil is just slightly damp, but getting dry and take 4 ml if it's completely dry (of course, I don't try to let them get completely dry, but it happens....). I just add the water to the saucer and it takes it up within a few minutes. If I put in more water than that, it will take it up, but that's more damp than I like my plants to be.

I also water from the top with the syringe - works well.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Lath -

You Have PATIENCE!!!

Irina, wick'm all

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I'm with you Irina. I wick all my plants. I do however use a snot sucker when I have plants at a show. There are times that a mini will dry out and wilt and needs a little pick me up of H2O.
Fred in NJ

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