Ols Aquarium Question.

beumae680(Z5 Tn.)April 11, 2006

Hi Guys, This is my first time over here. Need some advice please. My son-in-law just gave me his 29 gal.Aquarium.It's at least thirteen years old.I have cleaned it with just plain water and filled the tank. It has been running for two days with no problems. Do you think a tank this old is likely to spring a leak.I had a ten gal. burst in my living room some years ago and swore I'd never have another aquarium in my house.Should it have been resealed before I use it. Thank's for any advise. Beulah.

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woeisme(z7b NC)

Nothings a guarantee. If the seals are in tact it shouldn't be a problem. Storage conditions have alot to do with it. Too many variables in humidity and temperature to ccurately predict. Also handleing of it. A leak could happen even after a 2 day trial. This is true with brand new tanks. I have seen setups that use catch basins that are meant for clothes washers and water heaters "just in case" that people in apartments use. Either way, the leak should be somewhat detectable, by starting off small scale. Like damp spots and slight water loss. They also make "leak alarms" that give an audible sound if water is present. They can be bought in a hardware store, usually in the plumbing section. They are used for people with finished basements that can possibly flood from storm water infultration or plumbing malfunction. Some aquarium supplies sell them also. They cost about $12-20.

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One thing to make sure of is that you keep the tank on a level surface, because uneven pressure on the glass can make it crack or shatter.

Maybe that's really common knowledge and I sound like an idiot telling you, but it's just the first thing that came to mind. ^^;

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beumae680(Z5 Tn.)

My thank's to both of you . I will keep an eye on it.
I didn't want to hurt his feelings by saying I didn't want the tank. It is an expensive set up and really nice.I guess you take a risk whether its new or used.I just had a bad experience with a ten gallon tank. Sure would die of fright if it happened with thirty gallon . B.C.

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