My bettas like each other, but they dont. o.0

uninformed_kittyApril 22, 2006

I got a female betta fish today, and I was hoping she'd get along with my male betta in my 10 gallon tank. All was fine at first, with him showing off to her and her following him around. They were together for maybe half an hour with no problems, but then he chased her away from his spot and bit at her (though he didn't actually hurt her fins any). His spot is sort of a well-covered spot at the top of the tank where he likes to hang out and build rather large bubble nests. When he did it a second time a minute later, I took her out. Maybe they'd have spawned if she had eggs and he had a nest? (His nests always get ruined when I do a water change, and he hasn't rebuilt yet.) It seems like he's mad because she's not ready to spawn yet. Nevermind his own lack of preparedness. I don't really want them to breed right now, anyway, I was just hoping they'd get along.

My question is, is it worth it to try putting them together again tomorrow? I have a 2 gallon tank for her to go in by herself, but I'd really rather that she be in the large social space. I'm likely getting another tank in October, which I plan to fill with other females from the same tank at the pet shop (I figure it's better since they already know each other), so the 2 gallon wouldn't be a permanent thing.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

It's usually not worthwhile as sooner or later he will attack the female. Might as well plan on keeping them separate except for breeding.

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Garyfla's right. Never keep a male/female pair together unless its supervised breeding. The female could rip apart the males fins, and the male could beat her up because she doesn't want to spawn. Either way, there isn't a good ending and they should always be kept in separate fish tanks.

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It is possible to keep them together when they're not breeding, but I guess I just got unlucky. My male's not as docile as I thought. :/ C'est la vie.

I'll see if I can't find a small fish to live with her for the time being. I was thinking of something like a harlequin rasbora (the color and shape would match nicely), but they need to be in schools... If anyone has any suggestions for a very small fish that doesn't need a school, please tell me. Such a thing probably doesn't exist, from what I've read so far, but one can hope.

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Its never a good idea to keep the two sexes together, breeding or not. If you keep the girl in a two gallon you should not add anymore fish, especially if there is no filter. Its just not enough room.

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If you like some betas together, then just get the females only. Female betas can be combined together, but it depends on their personality. You will not know for sure, until you bring them home and supervise them in the tank. I once had 3 female betas in a tank and only 1 seem to be a little bit aggressive and the other 2 were peaceful. After a while, the 1 seem to calm down. Do not panic within the first few hours. Give it a few days, before you decide if you should remove anyone to return back to the store for an exchange or transferring to another tank.

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well u shouldnt have bettas together and you should always let them see each other first.

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