How to choose the light for your tank

IndoorplantledApril 13, 2012

Depends on the tank what you keep.

First white led

6500K could supply the energy to plant and coral

11000K is the strongest sunlight,could promote the growth for the coral,suitable for the saltwater tank

now we talked about blue led

450-470nm could make the sense like deep blue, suitable for deep water coral,

420nm uv, some coral like yuma and so on have fluorescence color, UV could promote this wave and enhance this effect. Now the popular led aquarium bar is very suitable for the slim tank,middle size.

LED could use these few color together in one bar, but other no.

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Make sure you choose a 3w LED if you go LED. 1w will not be strong enough and will kill your corals. 6500k is sunlight range, but will promote algae, dinoflagellates and cyano bacteria growth which are like the "weeds" or a coral tank.

Farming coral frags should start with a 10k-12k range lighting system and grow up to a 20k system for color enhancement as the coral colonies mature.

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