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hummersteveNovember 13, 2007

This is what can happen if you ignore your plants long enough. I was repotting a couple larger ones that I had ignored and this is what I found.,,, lucky or unlucky, both I guess. Mainly Ive just been watering them for the past several months for Ive had other things have taken up my time. I also deadheaded the mother plants and let them start anew. It wont be long. Suckers did their job and the plants look fairly healthy, time will tell. Three new plants that I had not counted on.

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That happens to me too. Mostly my smaller plants get lots of suckers and take over before I realize it. I have too many plants too close together and when I get watering, I'm just thinking I've got a lot of plants to water and only now and then get around to repotting and actually seeing things I should have taken care of sooner. Given some time the plants come back and look just fine. tish

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