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lathyrus_odoratus(5A-IL)November 5, 2009

First, let me say that I completely understand the difficulties of digital imaging from using good technique to obtain the images so they aren't color shifted to how they are converted to calibration of equipment. As such, I "get" that the images I see on my monitor may not look anything like what the plant actually looks like.

I also know that we each may have a different idea of what color means what. I'm trying to use standard "color wheel" descriptions. Between Blue and Red is Violet, a color that is perfectly combined of blue and red. Purple is the red side of that equation.

But, we've all seen some images that are "better" than another - clearer, no obvious color-shift, no issues with scanning, etc. While each person may have calibration issues, if the person's system is set up correctly, the image is likely to look close to the actual specimen. Not identical maybe, but close.

I also know that we each may have a different idea of what name means what color. I'm trying to use standard "color wheel" descriptions. Between Blue and Red is Violet, a color that is perfectly combined of blue and red. Purple is the red side of that equation.

Ultra Violet Moonbeam

The only image I have found of Ultra Violet Moonbeam shows it to be pink, not blue, but the description clearly says blue. Anyone have a picture of this plant that shows its color? Or have you seen it and could tell me what it might be similar to?

Newton Grape Suzette

I love the picture I have of this. It is a lovely grape color - like the name implies. But, the description says it is "dark blue." Has anyone a photo that shows the color accurately or have you seen it and can tell me if it's blue like Rebel's Night Breezes or more purple?

Blue or Purple?

A few others where the image looks purple, lavender or orchid but the description says blue include: Rob's Jindalee, Spaceway, Colonial Port Lincoln, Tiny Moon Goddess, Satin Touch, Painted Silk. Any photos or experience with these regarding what color you think they are or what other plant they look like?

Conversely, Queen Bee by Storytella looks blue and it's listed as purple. So does Atlanta. Rhapsodie Cora looks purple in some, blue in says it's blue. Same as with the rest: any idea of what color you think it is or a photo?

Razzberry Ice

It says it's pink-fuchsia. The picture looks more purple, actually very similar to Newtown Grape Suzette. Any pictures or knowledge of what color it really is?

Carnival (Tinara)

This one says it's fuchsia, but it looks very similar to Razzberry Ice above (purple), much too much blue in the picture and not the red of a fuchsia. Again, any pictures of direct experience?

Rosy Winter (Fredette)

Description says pink, picture is definitely purple. Any photo or direct experience?

Wrangler's Canyon Echo

Picture looks like a light orchid; description says fuchsia. The photo is old. Again, any photo or experience?

Sema (Pilon)

The photo I have shows a deep pink-peachy flower (so warm, heading toward the orange side). The description says amethyst, which is definitely the blue side. Again, any photo or experience with this plant and bloom?

Witch Doctor(Gehr)

This maybe the case of it being called red when it's pink or the photo could be off. My photo looks like a nice deep pink, the description says red. Which is it?

Optimara Gauguin

The picture shows fuchsia or deep pink on white, but the description calls it lilac. To me, lilac is close to lavender or orchid - a light violet or blue violet color, not pink. Any info?

Snuggles Angel (Sorano)

I can only find one image and it's an old one, so I can't really get an idea of the color. Anyone grow this?

Sorry about the long list...if you made it this far, you really must be as obsessed as I am, lol!

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Here is some info taken from
There is a wide difference in naming color, as you will find out. Have fun trying to figure it out.

Note: Violets Which May Fit More Than One Color Classification

When searching by color, keep in mind that any interpretation of color is based on subjective perception. In many cases, the color classification of an African Violet will be representative of most everyone's perception. In other cases, however, an African Violet will not be so easily classified. For instance, an African Violet which has been classified as blue may, for some, appear more purple. Likewise, an African Violet which has been classified as pink may appear more red. As a consequence, you may need to check more than one color to find the Violet you are looking for.

Note: Lilac and Burgundy Violets

Two specific instances of colors which do not fit neatly into the above classifications are lilac and burgundy. For the purposes of this guide, both lilac and burgundy Violets will be found under "Purple."

Note: Bi-Color Violets Which May Appear Entirely White

Keep in mind that many bi-color Violets are almost entirely white with just a little of another color. This is often the case with African Violets on which the second color appears only on the edge. Therefore, when searching by color, be sure that the white Violet you are looking for is not, in fact, bi-color.

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Colors in the purple-spectrum are also notoriously difficult to photograph, which makes it really fun for us passionate African violet photographer types..
I have to photoshop almost every purple plant I take a pic of, to make it look how it looks "in real life".

So my answer is.. You're not always gonna be able to tell the real color of a plant by the picture. That's why you gotta go to shows & meetings & stuff. Thems the breaks! :-D

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Yep - as I said in the very first post - I honestly do get how hard it is (in every respect). That's why I prefaced my post with it, lol.

My request is the same - if you have a photo and you want to share, please do. If you have experience with one of those plants and you want to share, please do. It would help me, whether you think it would or not.

I won't stick my tongue at you, m3rma1d, but of course I go to shows and stuff...but I could do that for years and still not see one of these. I'm nothing if not obsessive in the methods I employ to get what I want and thorough in thinking through how to get it!

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

My Witch Doctor blooms a deep wine or burgundy. I think it is sporting though, because it is getting pink streaking along the edges. It looks nice; I'm not complaining. I don't really have a good pic of it, sorry.

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Congratulations on your journey Lath,

Isn't it amazing that within just a few short months, someone can go from starting their first leaves/plants with little or no knowledge but excited to learn..... to having read (what seems like) almost every former thread on this board, scouring the interenet and gaining all the knowledge and experience that you've been able to share here on all the post, attending shows, testing pH levels, understanding AV photography............

You seem to be a quick study with quite an addiction. Its really amazing what can be accomplished.


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Dora, I hope that is a compliment :-).

Not so much an addiction to AVs (though that is true), more an addiction to learning. The thing I like doing most is....learning. And, since I'm interested in many things, I learn things in many areas. Since my work often involves learning in some way, it just adds to it. But, it's just knowledge and knowledge in and of itself isn't anything.

Many of the things that you've mentioned are pieces of knowledge I brought with me, so I didn't manage to learn everything in 4 months - I'm not a genius. I also am far from an expert in any way, though other parts of my life contribute to knowledge I can apply here. I've gardened since I was a child, so learned some about soil and pH. I was a photographer in a prior life, with flowers one of my main interests, so that is an easy transfer. AVs aren't any different that other flowers.

So, really, no great accomplishment. Just me applying what I already know to something I am interested in and potentially bringing a different perspective at times. You, and many others here, know much more than I in many ways and bring more than I do, and probably ever will. We each bring our own value.

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I taught myself goldsmithing by reading books about it. But I didn't learn it ALL from the books--I had to put the torch to the metal and learn by actual experience.

Real learning comes by doing, not reading.

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seaecho1(SW CA)

My Optimara Gauguin is a deep pink (sorry, no pic) with white in the center. Not a lot of white, but definitely there. Gauguin is one that can vary tremendously, and from plant to plant. Some pics I've seen of it show blooms that look light blue to me, in others, the color is more lilac, and in still others, the color is the deep pink that mine is. Some pics of Gauguin show very little or no white at all. Other show a great deal of white. So you do have to take into consideration the fact that some blooms will vary in color, depending on culture, amount of light the plant receives, and possibly even what fertilizer is used. It isn't ALWAYS the camera that is at fault.

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