Betta in community tank

AshleyNicoleApril 18, 2005

Can i add one Betta to my 55 gallon community aquarium?

I currently have 5 rosey barbs, 5 gouramis, a pleco, 2 corey cats, a red tail loach, and a bala shark, and i want to get a clown loach as well.

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mmm... Not sure if the rosey barbs will leave the betta alone? Don't they have a tendency to be fin nippers?

I have two bettas in a community tank that have been doing rather well - but I also have created a lot of hanging plant area for them to stake out territories and hide. They share a tank with non-aggressive gouramis (dwarf, moonlight and pearl), angels, glass cats, cories, clown loaches and a variety of tetras.

Do keep in mind that clown loaches like to hang out and school with their own kind. I think they're happiest in at least trios. To me, they also seem to thrive and feed better when they have company of their own kind.

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My rosey barbs are long finned and they don't bother each other's fins, i have heard that barbs are nippers, but haven't had a problem with mine.. yet lol. I would love to add a couple of angels as well, but am afraid because of the rosey barbs. They don't bother the gouramis at all, which are all dwarf.

thanks for the advice on the clown loaches, will two be enough? my two corey cats seem very happy with each other

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Well - I think two will at least keep other company. Mine are often piled up against one another in the little caves and crevices I provide for hiding. I guess what's so fun about clown loaches (which truly are fun fish!) is watching them school and zoom about across the bottom of the tank. When I've had clowns singly, they just don't seem as happy. But of course I'm probably anthromorphizing! LOL

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