weaning angelfish off of brine shrimp ?

zipper3(7 wa)April 5, 2006

does anyone know about weaning angelfish off of brine shrimp? I have been feeding them decapsulated eggs.For two days I have not fed them in hopes they would srart to eat crunched up flake,blood worms,or even freeze dried brine.They don't want any of it.What should I do..?

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Unfortunately, from what I know about all animals is that if they have tasted the best (in your case, brine shrimp), they won't eat anything else. I tried giving my betta flakes, and he just turned up his nose! I guess fish are kind of picky. By all means research more, you might find a way after all.

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woeisme(z7b NC)

Sometimes Angels are picky, but they'll eat before starving. They will eat Flake food but the Brine Shrimp is a good choice. I would just keep giving them Brine Shrimp. A good option is one of those frozen multi-packs with brine shrimp, bloodworms etc. Some people cultivate mosquito larve and feed them finely chopped earthworms.

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