Care to conjecture on the life span of a blind black moor?

albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)April 20, 2012

We've a blind black moor alone in a thirty gallon tank. It has been there for about three years. It is probably four years old.

Assuming proper care, would you care to speculate on how long it might be expected to live?

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Well I suppose we'd have to define what we mean specifically by "proper care." Obviously we mean excellent water quality, which, for one of these guys even in a 30 gallon, would mean double filtration. And keeping him well-fed while not overfeeding and ruining your water quality will always be an issue. So if you do these things I would think he could definitely live about 10 years. And I'm sure I've read about people having them for more like 20 years.

But another factor with goldfish is what temperature you keep their water. As you probably know goldfish like cool water below 70 degrees. Anything above 70 is going to speed up their metabolism and subsequently shorten their lifespan. That's one reason that goldfish aren't terribly good community fish. Do you have a heater in their with him?

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Most interesting Mattc. The wife has taken filtering and feeding into account but we never thought about the high temperatures.

We've the winter heating programmed for 68oF days and 64oF nights and the cooling comes on at 78oF in the summer.

We have never even considered what the water temperature is when the air temperature is above 70oF. I will start doing some research. I've a digital cooking thermometer with a remote probe which will give me room temperature and water temperature.

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