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fortyseven_gwNovember 15, 2013

Irinia, Linda,
Another question is the use of
tea and what it does, and acidity.

I read to repot every so often to reduce the
acidity of the peat as it gets old.

I recently watched an older podcast of Annie's
in which she talks about pH of her tap water.

There have been threads on fert and potting
Perhaps the formulas are balanced for pH as well
as nutrients.


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Most of the Frerette's are vintages , if not all of them. therefore, they tend to be scarce as newer is always in demand. I think Miss Fredette left us many years ago.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

As Linda said - Irene Fredette passed a while ago - and her plants are now over 25 years old. Wonderful plants - good rosettes, gorgeous blooms.
George McDonlad is our contemporary - he works with minis and semi-minis - and his goal - is fancy flowers on small plants. I would say his plants are not always easy to grow for the show - and they have long flower stalks - flowers seem to float above the rosette.

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Thanks, Linda and Irina,
I just realized, Irina, that the word "rosette" refers to the
whorl pattern of leaves! I thought it referred to the blossom
shape! Thanks for the info, I will be on the look-out for
Fredette's, now that I know more. I saw a photo of one
that I would especially like, it has leaf variegation with a
double pink blossom. I don't know the name. There is
also a Ruth Bann plant
that is similar that I cannot find, either.

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You don't re-pot to reduce acidity. Peat becomes more acidic as it ages and you re-pot to replace with newer peat. As for the tea, I was trained as a hort. scientist and as a result I am skeptical about certain growing practices. I know of nothing in tea that is beneficial to plants. I have had a few people tell me that it works for them but no-one has ever said what is the beneficial aspect of tea. Plant hormones? NPK? Soil additive? I have never found the answer and so remain skeptical.


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Good to know.

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Joanne, I just found this older post. I'm wondering if the Fredette you are talking about is China Doll?? If it is, I have one and could send you a couple leaves.

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Just thinking, tea would at least be chlorine free by the time it's filtered, boiled, steeped and 'aged', so there's one plus for tea dumping ;-)

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Thank you, Aspedsm,
That is very kind! I would like to get some leaves, but will have to wait. Because just
now I had to toss a plant as itt had
thrips. So I will wait until I can get everything cleaned up
and am sure my collection is safe. (I brought in some plants from a store that I guess I did not isolate long enough.)

@ Karin, The resolution of the discussion of tea was not to use either tea water or tea bags on indoor plants. The used tea bags can be used as compost in a garden in the summer. But they are not sterile and might contain bacteria.


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