Apple Snail babies

socksApril 28, 2008

I would like to remove the baby apple snails from the aquarium because they keep disappearing. Something is eating them, I suppose. Would they have to be in a heated aquarium when I take them out??

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When you say remove, do you mean kill off? Can you reread your post and rephrase what you are trying to say.

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I'm made perfect sense to me!! LOL

I'd like to keep the babies and let them grow up a little so I can share them with others at our elem. school who keep aquariums. I feel I need to get them out as the other fish must be eating them. So I was wondering if I need to keep the babies in a heated aquarium, or are they OK at room temperature water?

Does this make sense? I hope so.

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jkunkel(zone 7)

Go to walmart and buy a breeding net. Place the babies in that, keep them in the same tank, and the other fish won't be able to eat them! I think the net might only cost $4 at the most.

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I agree with J. A breeding net in your main aquarium will help with any waste products, and you can concentrate the space that they are in to help with feeding concerns.

Happy Snailing

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