Shhhhh...who makes the quietest Air Pump?

pequafrog(z7a/Long Island)April 2, 2005

I want to get an air pump for an air stone/surface agitation. But I really don't want to hear it...and my old piston pump sounds like a sewing machine. Is Rena a quiet one?

Please post your experiences and opinions.



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I think Rena is super-quiet. It's quieter than the Tetras I've had in the past! The only time I'll hear it is because I've accidentally pushed it up against something - so I hear the rattling of the vibration of it hitting against whatever. Otherwise, I don't really hear anything at all coming out of my tanks (I have eheims on both my livingroom tanks).

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I have a few Whisper 10's, VERY quiet pumps!


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melle_sacto(Z9/Sunset 14 CA)

I had a Rena on my tank, was pretty quiet when sitting on the carpet. Then I upgraded my filter to an Eheim Pro and the spraybar provides enough surface agitation that I didn't need an airstone. Now my tank is silent because the Eheim doesn't make noise.

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i have a whisper, sits on the carpet, i never hear it.

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bragu_DSM 5

I just purchased a filter (name starts with a B but i can't remember it right now, but I'll look it up if you want) from Petco ... in the filter section. You can use it underwater and hook a hose up to it and really has no sound at all. I used to get annoyed at night with the tank in my bedroom, but this one is great!


and my kribs love it too!

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All air pumps these days are quiet.

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Renas are pretty quiet, but you still might want to place it on some sort of sponge type pad, because it's the pump vibrating as it sits that creates the noise.

Also, if you use use a line splitter with a valve on it, you can bleed off any excess air, which not only reduces vibration, it also reduces wear on the diaphram by eliminating back pressure.

Whatever you buy though; get a good one that can be serviced with replacement diaphrams and air filters which are cheap, because unless it's abused, a quality air pump will run forever.

BTW: They aren't sold much in retail stores, but the Dolphins are probably the most bang for the buck you will find in any vibrator air pump.

You can get a Dolphin 5-Star from that will blow away 80 gal. with no effort for under $21.00, plus shipping.

The 5-Star has 4 outlets, for multiple tanks, or you can connect multiple lines for extra power to any single air device.

The smaller ones have fewer outlets and cost even less, but they all have a lot of heft, come with extra long, heavy duty appliance cords, are a snap to service, and will outperform anything you will find in any retail store at double the price.

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100% Rena

All pumps should bw sitting on a piece of carpet. Not only quiet they are the best on market today, I am still using two 20yld, naturally I have replaced a few bits and pieces.

My latest very small rena I cannot hear it at all.


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